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Hey Everyone!

How are you? How is your LO? Anything he or she is wishing for on his/her birthday? Any interesting news? I miss talking to you ladies!

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Hey Lisa! We're doing great! Alicia is finally starting to talk up a storm, and with DJ talking so well too, we listen in on some seriously hilarious conversations. So far Alicia is wanting princess stuff for her birthday. She's asked for princess shoes, a castle (omg) and a princess cake. I cannot believe they are going to be 4!!!


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Nate is asking for a whole load of zhu zhu pet stuff. And he wants a Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday party. I can do pirates! Easier than last year when he wanted a Mr Bloom party with Mr Bloom things.
Nate starts proper school in September and we are just waiting to find out which school he got into. We find out at the end of April. I really want to know so I can prep him more. He's not happy about having to go to big school. He says he wants to stay at his pre-school forever and ever!
Alice is starting to talk, and she's very funny. She has a little people doll house in her room, and was sitting there screaming "chair! chair!" the other night because she recognised them!
As for me, I'm selling baby clothes so I can buy Alice a big girl bed. And I'm waiting patiently for spring to arrive so we can play outside without freezing our bongos off!

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Hi Lisa! Things are good here. Thomas loves school. He loves his teachers, and all the kids. That makes me happy. We will be in CA during June, so we're taking him to Disneyland for his birthday. They are opening CARS land right before we go, and I know he'll love it. He still loves cars, but he's really into dinosaurs right now.

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Hi all! Kade and Bentli just started a new preschool last month (the nanny situation didn't work out so great this time around). They LOVE it and so do I. This is the first time they have been separated (separate classrooms until B moves up in Sept) and I think it is good for them, although they miss each other. We are gearing up for Kade's Construction party and I am going nuts pinning ideas on Pinterest... it will be so fun Smile I am also looking forward to this summer and spring. Later this month we will be try to get down south of us to Wildlife Safari and get up close and personal with exotic animals, next month will be the tulip festivals, May is Kade's birthday, then this summer is yurt camping at Mt. Saint Helens, a possible boat trip through the San Juan Islands to watch the Orca pods migrate, and then a trip back to AZ to visit friends (with stops in Vegas or Disneyland or both on the way there and back)... if we get our passports in time we may manage some beach time in Mexico and explore Vancouver, BC in Canada. SOOOOO excited to start adventures with the kids again!

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Hi Friends!

I'm so glad to hear from each and every one of you! Callie is growing like a weed. She went from a 3T to a 4T in shirts over night! (her bottom is still a 2 or 3T). She's totally into My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic, so we've been getting a lot of that stuff recently. Not sure what we'll do for her birthday yet, but hopefully something fun!

Mr. Conor is growing quickly, too. He's moved into 6-9 month clothes. He loves eating his fruits and veggies and is still nursing like it's going out of style. He hasn't rolled over yet, but he likes to roll up onto his sides. I actually think he's CHOOSING not to roll! Too funny.

No big plans for summer here, at least, not yet! We finished part of our basement last summer, so we're a bit financially strapped for awhile. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out something fun and not too expensive. Keep us posted on what you're up to!

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I love reading everyone's updates!

Nicole - I agree.... how is it that our little ones are almost 4???????

Cathy - CARS land looks like it is going to be so much fun! We're planning on going up there this spring and we may have to hit up Ca Adventure in the fall again just so we can take the boys to Carsland! Both of my boys love Disneyland! I'm trying to talk DH into buying annual passes!

Beth - wow! You have some fun adventures planned! Mind if I tag along? Wink Please share pics!! And GL planning the construction party! That sounds like a lot of fun!

Lisa - Jake is the same as Callie -- all of a sudden his 3T shirts are small on him! He's slowly weaning away from his 2T pants and is fitting nicely in the 3T's. I actually went out and had to buy him some 4t shirts yesterday!

Like Nate, Jake is going to have a Pirate themed birthday party (btw - where did you get his Jake & the Neverland Pirates shirt? cute!!). I found a deal on a "pirate playground" on a daily deal site and since his bday is on a Saturday this year, we went ahead and booked it. I'm loving pinterest as well and am trying to plan out some details. This is the first year I am allowing him to invite his friends. He's so excited.

Jake is doing great. He continues to amaze me everyday. He's into anything "boy". He loves outside, superheros (good guys/ bad guys), star wars, matchbox cars, and anything sports. He's on a T-ball team and is doing great. He loves his sports classes and swim classes. Most recently, he's learning different phonics skills and has mastered 60 sight words. The kid has a great memory!

We have no plans yet for the summer... but that is fine by me! There always seem to be stuff going on. I'm just looking forward to the warmer weather and more time outside with the boys.

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I got his shirt at the Disney store when I was home visiting my parents in Miami

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Big update of doom!

"kittenchan" wrote:

How are you? How is your LO? Anything he or she is wishing for on his/her birthday? Any interesting news? I miss talking to you ladies!

So much is going on! Kids are growing like weeds and keeping is busy constantly. They are getting big beds for their birthday, and not much else from us. MIL will buy them a whole toy store, so they'll want for nothing. They are crazy excited about the beds too~

"kittenchan" wrote:

I'm so glad to hear from each and every one of you! Callie is growing like a weed. She went from a 3T to a 4T in shirts over night! (her bottom is still a 2 or 3T).

In a 4T? My kids are HUGE. ROFL Mia is quickly outgrowing 6x clothes. Elly is quickly out growing her 5T's. Ana will be three in July and she'll probably be in Elly's 5Ts before Elly is fully out of them!

She's totally into My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic, so we've been getting a lot of that stuff recently.

OMG, we have MLP everywhere here too. DH likes the show for the adult nods (Dr. Whoves for instance). We have all of season one and most of season two saved to watch on demand. The kids like that and Phineas & Ferb the most right now. PBS kids is still on their radar though.

We're still going through rolling layoffs. Stupid Detroit. DH was laid off in September and had a new job inside 3 weeks. A new awesome job with excellent growth potential. Then we learned they are closing his center in June. He can relocate states away with the company, but it's just not possible for us. So he's looking ... again. I was laid off summer of 2010 and it took me ~5 months to get another job. It's not great, but it's close to home and they have excellent insurance. Been there a little over a year. Hopefully he'll land a decent job before his center is closed and we'll be okie financially.

The twins are near 100% potty trained. We've been working on staying dry overnight in anticipation of the bunk beds and it's been a couple weeks since one of then has woken up wet.

Elly is apparently a mini me according to my mother. She's on the bossy side and always has a story to share. Her mind is going faster than she can communicate, and she comes up with some hilarious stuff. Today we were going to the moon because Phineas and Ferb were having a party. We had to stop by Woody's house along the way and not forget her sisters either. They had to come to get the crystals you see. Apparently Elly views her sisters as slave labor, lol.

Elly is still very mechanically minded (which is NOT me). Want's to know how everything works. She actually fixed an old typewriter toy that was mine (fisher price). She was messing with it and my mom asked her what she was doing. She nonchalantly said "Well... I'm fixing the letters. I have to push this button here and the alphabet goes again... see?" That toy had been stuck on "Z" for at least a decade. My mom was all "only Elaine..."

Mia is close to reading. She is still very into letters and words and songs. The other day while I was cleaning she looks at the bottle and says "... o f f... Mommy why does this say OFF here?" Took me by surprise. So I explained to her how the sprayer turns "off".

Mia also has a knack for remembering things, which she gets from DH. She is constantly repeating something days later. A line form MLP, or a song, or some other show. And when I ask her WHAT? She explains it to me like I am the stupidest person around. "Treat me like a push over and you'll get the once over!!!" AMELIA! What did you just say?! "Mom... I'm saying what Fluttershy says. Remember in the My Little Pony where Fluttershy bees a doormat?"

Elly is not into words like Mia and Mia is not mechanical at all. They are so very different.

Ana is potty trained 99.9% when she is awake. Not so much when she sleeps, and I'm not pushing it. If she doesn't come along on her own we'll work with her more in a year like the twins I'm thinking. I'm greatful she stopped hiding to poop. If she could run to the laundry room to poop in her pants she could run to the bathroom. UGH it was so maddening. Sticker charts didn't work. Candy rewards didn't work, nor praise, nor scolding... What did work was getting MLP undies for Christmas from Grandma. She did NOT want to poop on Twlight Sparkle! If I had known THAT was the magic thing I would have bought some months earlier, lol.

None of the kids are in school, and we have no plans of enrolling them in a pre school. They do go to a Sunday School class while we go to the service each week and they LOVE it. If something happens and we can't make it to church, the kids read US the riot act. They dislike missing song time and arts & crafts let me tell you!

I am getting braver and doing more on my own with the three of them as they are minding better. We had a mom day at the zoo this past weekend that went pretty well.

The biggest recent development is that we got new neighbors a couple months back. They have a boy that turned three last October and are expecting a new girl in a couple weeks. Mom is convinced she will have to have a c-section because the baby is breach. She thinks breach deliveries are impossible and has no faith her kiddo will flip in the next few weeks. I hope for her sake she doesn't need the c-section. The girls LOVE the neighbor boy. They seem to play along very well too. He loves our sand box and they love his 4 wheeler thing.

As for me, I think I'm finally conquering the depression (came on as PPD after Ana and it's been a battle since). I'm making a conscious effort to be a better and healthier me. The biggest personal goal is losing weight. I've lost almost 30 lbs since the beginning of the year. I have a lot more to go, but I'm well on my way and I don't think I've felt this good physically since before I was preggo with the twins (even though I'm not down to that weight yet).

I'm also becoming more active with our church which I think is helping. It's a positive outlet with some fantastic people, and the first thing DH and I have done together in a long time. I think the latter is the most helpful of all~


Daddy and Elly

Momma & Mia

Twins at the zoo this past weekend~

And.. All three at the zoo~ (Elly on the left, Ana in the middle, and Mia on the right)

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Hiii Lisa, was thinking about you the other day and was wondering how you were getting on. So nice to get an update from you all, I too cannot believe they are nearing 4! People ain't lying when they tell you they grow up quick or when they tell you to appreciate every moment as it goes so quick. I wish I believed them haha.

Well, I ain't kidding when I say I have a tiny teenager on my hands. She is absolutely hilarious and so on the ball it scares me sometimes. She says things a 3 yr old shouldn't know and sometimes it's even spooky! Her Nana slept her over last weekend and if you remember my parents split when she was about 8 months. I have never mentioned anything about it to her nor has she to me, I guess kids get used to what they don't know is different. Anyway, she said to my Mum 'somebody doesn't love you anymore...' to which my Mum questioned her who... 'Grandad doesn't, that's why he left'. My Mum thought I had talked to her about it, but I swear, she said it of her own accord! She's always acting worried for her Nana, asking her if she will be ok on her own, what will she do when we go home, does she want to come and live with us.... very cute but a tad heartbreaking too.

Her nursery teacher said to me the other week 'I feel for you when she is a teenager' haha. I didn't know whether to agree or take offence! I know what she meant, because she acts so much older than her years, she comes across like she is back chatting. I have had door slamming and plain out refusing to go to sleep from her but luckily it comes in phases. She will carry it on for a couple of days and then suddenly be her pleasant self again. She is such a loving child, loves cuddles and kisses and she mothers the younger children in nursery. She can be a tad bossy, but I think it's just her way of trying to look after them.

I have no clue what I am getting her for her birthday. She is not a wanty child when it comes to toys and the only things she ever asks for are a sister/brother or a dog so she can hold it's lead. If I buy her a new pair of shoes she is the happiest kid ever..... and I love that. I hope she grows up continuing to appreciate the small things. She is a little heart string tugger at times though if she ever really wants something, she will say 'I really wish I could have an umbrella' (for example) and it is the cutest thing ever haha.

As the weather isn't always guaranteed to be cracking the flags on her birthday, I have decided to hire this... http://manxplaybus.vpweb.co.uk/ it's something different and it parks up right outside your house! What more could you want LOL!

Apart from all that, I am still waiting to leave my job after being laid off. Leaving date is Aug 31st..... fingers crossed I jump straight into a new one so I can keep my pay packet!!


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Hey y'all!

Things are great here in Texas! I am working with Mike again at our local Jr. High. I'm not teaching science, but my students are great. Mike and I are selling our house to move out to our land and build. I can't wait to see my babies runnign and playing in the open space, learning to ride their bikes on the same land I did...so excited.

Mickie is 3 going on 30. She has a gift for working with special needs kids. She watches over and loves a little girl in her class that suffers from autism, and loves her in spite of her typical autistic behaviors that the other kids can't deal with. Mickie says she loves her b/c "she doesn't have any words." This child's mother recently told me that she has Mickie to thank for how far her daughter has come socially. She told Mickie goodbye the other day and waved to her and her mom cried! I need to call her and tell her that her daughter has started to HUG Mickie as well! If I didn't work with special needs kids, I probably wouldn't think anything of this-but I know what huge steps this child is making, and I know many adults who are trained to work with these kids that do not have the understanding that my baby girl does. It's pretty special and makes me very proud.

She is COMPLETELY obsessed with Lalaloopsies. I think I want to have a Lalaloopsy bday party for her this year. Still deciding.

She is waking up dry about once/twice a week, but I'm not too worried about it. She will stop wetting the bed when her muscles develop more, and when she can rouse herself enough to get out of bed in the night. She is writing her name (left-handed like Daddy), and loves to sing and dance.

Matthew is my sweet boy-he still has an awefull temper though. He goes from passive to p!ssed off, with no escalation-just instant rage over silly minor things. This is really hard for me as a mommy-but I'm trying to remember that it could just be a phase, and he SHOULD stop it eventually. I am trying to help him to understand that it's okay to be angry and upset, but that he has to be in control of himself and handle it better. Right now he gets so worked up that he begins to shake, and has a hard time breathing. He's getting better though, the fits of rage are getting shorter, and easier to stop. Then he's back to my sweet, soft-spoken little man.

He loves to walk up to me, climb onto my lap, wrap his arms around my neck, look at Mike and say, "I'm kissin' yo woman", and lay one on me! Then they proceed to argue over who's woman I am-meanwhle I end up smothered with kisses from both...I love it! He is very concerned with making sure that Mickie gets fair and equal treatment as well. If he gets a cookie he automatically asks for one to give to Mickie. If she's in time-out, he goes and sits beside her and strokes her arm/leg to make her feel better. He is in a "mommy phase" right now. For awhile the only person that he wanted was Daddy. Right now it's me-which is often the cause of a fit of rage-i.e. Mike trying to help him get ready for school, but all he wants is Mommy to do it. But 95% of the time, he is easy going, mellow little man. I think that's why his tantrums upset me so-it's just so different from the Matty that I see most of the time.

The kids are at Dayschool still. Matthew's had a rough patch. His teacher quit @ Christmas due to her M.S., and he was moved to a combo class of 1 and 2s. His potty training started going REALLY well, and I was just waiting on him to start going #2 in the potty, but then the Dayschool hired a teacher JUST for the 2 year olds from 8a.m.-4p.m....and the potty training went south. He has stopped telling us when he needs to go @ all. Sad The teacher that is there early a.m. and in the evening was his "other momma". He loved her so much, and called the school "Dawnenna's house" (Darnetta's house). She quit on Tues. this week, and he's had a rough time. She didn't tell the kids bye, and he keeps asking for her and praying for her to come back "home". Breaks my heart-he misses her so much!

Mickie hurt her foot pretty bad the other week, and has had to stay off of it for the last 2 weeks-new X-rays next week to see if the damaged cartilage has healed up enough to let her run and jump again. I hate that she cannot run and play like she wants to. I hate that she had to experience "real" pain too-but she's almost 4, so I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Just wish it had been later.

Pray for our house sale! We had a contract on it, and were supposed to close on the sale last Friday late in the day. @ 9:30am the realtor called and told us that the buyer had lost his job, and the contract was null and void. So we are BACK on the market, and still about 1/2 way packed. We need a quick sale! Hopefully this won't be a problem b/c we just put a new roof on, at the buyers' request.

Great to read up on every one!

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Gosh, I haven't been here in ages. It's nice to read what everyone has been up to.

As for us, Emily is doing great. She's in a gymnastic pre-school (they have classroom time and gym time throughout the day) 2x/week. She loves it. This August she will be going 3x/week and she cant wait. She has been fully potty trained since right after her 3rd birthday so Im glad about that. I have no idea what we're getting her for her b-day. It feels like its ages away! She does like hello kitty and MLP too. Its pretty much a guarantee that if its pink and sparkly she'll like it.

The rest of us are doing good too. My 5 year old started kindergarten this year and is doing really well. He has developed a really bad attitude the last couple of weeks with talking back (I think he picked it up at school). Hopefully we can get it under control FAST. My 2 year old is so different than my other 2. He has a temper on him and is the most stubborn of the 3. My first 2 I would say stop doing that and they would, him I have to jump through hoops to get him distracted or to stop, hahaha. He is so spoiled too. You would think being #3 he couldn't possible be but he is. I think some of it stems from him being a VERY VERY late talker. He is in therapy 3x/week and is just starting to say words. Again, he is so stubborn, he understands everything and can talk just doesn't want to! This leads to a lot of frustration between us and him because he won't say what he wants. But other than that, he's doing great and wanting to do everything that his sister and brother do no matter what it is.

On a bad note - my job got cut from full time to part time today (construction field) so that is a little worrisome.