Hey friends!

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Hey friends!

Wow, it's too quiet! Let's get some chatting going on.

Your Name:
Your age:
Kid's name:
Kids's birthdate:

What is your kid doing now?:
Any summer plans?:
Planning on more children?:
What's your favorite dessert?:
What's your guilty pleasure?:

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!

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Your Name: Beth
Your age: 32
Kid's name: Kade (for this board, age 4), also have Andrea (nearly 15!), Gavin (10 yrs old), and Bentli (2, going on 3)
Kids's birthdate: Kade was born at 37 weeks, so his DOB is 5-25-08

What is your kid doing now?: Recovering with stitches from a recent crash into furniture, plays, runs, jumps, climbs, talks back, tells jokes, learning to sound out letters and words, does everything he isn't supposed to, loves baseball, playing with cars and he and his little sister Bentli are an inseparable duo!
Any summer plans?: Nana's house in the mountains, Beach trips, Disneyland and California Adventure, Arizona visit, Mt. St. Helens camping, Wildlife Safari and playing in the backyard!
Planning on more children?: NO WAY
What's your favorite dessert?: Anything super rich and chocolatey
What's your guilty pleasure?: An adult beverage when the kids are in bed

A recent pic of Kade

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Lisa where are your answers?? lol

Your Name: Courtney
Your age: Old enough
Kid's name: Ava and Esther
Kids's birthdate: 23/06/2008 and 06/06/2011

What is your kid doing now?: Ava is awesome. In preschool, and just the sweetest, brightest, loveliest little girl.
Any summer plans?: Yep, we're MOVING TO AUSTRALIA, WOOT! We've finally managed to escape the UK. Moving Aug 2nd Smile
Planning on more children?: Heck no
What's your favorite dessert?: none, really...cake?
What's your guilty pleasure?: Wine.

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)! Can't - I'm at work. Will post some if I remembr at home Smile

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Your Name: Sam
Your age: 35
Kid's name: Nate and Alice
Kids's birthdate: 23 June, 2008 and 8 July, 2010

What is your kid doing now?: Sleeping! Yay! Generally Nate is a great kid, he loves building stuff and is obsessed with letters and numbers, which is good since he starts proper school in September! He recently got glasses and is coping well!
Alice is nearly 2 and she makes me laugh a lot. She talks her little head off, which is different since Nate was so quiet at this age!
Any summer plans?: Summer, what's that? Its miserable here in the UK. No plans for us.
Planning on more children?: Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
What's your favorite dessert?: Anything that has cream in it
What's your guilty pleasure?: creamy desserts....

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!

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Sorry, Courtney! Here are my answers Wink

Your Name: Lisa
Your age: 33
Kid's name: Callie and Conor
Kid's birthdate: June 4, 2008 and October 4, 2011

What is your kid doing now?: Callie is a talker. She uses big words! She's into gymnastics and being active. She also loves doing art!
Any summer plans?: Nope, nothing this year
Planning on more children?: Currently, no.
What's your favorite dessert?: Anything with chocolate!
What's your guilty pleasure?: SLEEP

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!

Callie on her birthday - she's wearing her gymnastics clothes!

Conor on the playground

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Your Name: Kristi
Your age: 27 (almost 28 omg!)
Kid's name: Leia
Kids's birthdate: 5/7/08

What is your kid doing now?: At the moment, I am struggling with Leia's behaviour. Other people will tell me how good she is, but at home (not all the time) it can be a different matter. She will shout and throw things which I find hard to ignore! I'm hoping it is a faze and something to do with being away from me for so long and so often, we shall see. In general though, she is a happy little thing and alls she seems to do is sing. Very sweet to hear Smile
Any summer plans?: Nothing unfortunately as I have to work, so she will be stuck in nursery for most of it, boooo!
Planning on more children?: It gets discussed a whole lot but with me losing my job at the end of Aug, probably not anytime yet.
What's your favorite dessert?: Chocolate fudge cake, yum!
What's your guilty pleasure?: Big Brother!!

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Your Name: Cathy
Your age: 36
Kid's name: Thomas
Kids's birthdate: 6/25/08

What is your kid doing now?: plays soccer, plays legos, likes to jump & run, loves to snuggle Mommy
Any summer plans?: just got back from 2 weeks in California, swim lessons in a few weeks
Planning on more children?: 1 more next February!
What's your favorite dessert?: chocolate anything
What's your guilty pleasure?: Big Brother

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!