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Hi Everyone who is here.

Its been forever. I wasn't even sure I would still have an account.

Seems like a few of you are still here. Hope you all are doing well. Whats new?

Nathan is in preschool for 3 hours M-F and loving it. Most the whole class is a little ahead of where preschool kids usually are so the teacher is going to keep teaching to the higher level which is awesome. Kahlan is loving the quiet time, but misses her brother.
I am loving parenthood more and more every day as they grow up.

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Hi Gwen!!

Lovely to see you here Smile

It sounds like Nathan is doing great! How old is Kahlan now? Parenthood is great, but very testing lol.

Leia is in her 1st yr of school... she had a bad start with her behaviour, but we had parents evening this week and she has improved a lot. She's is ahead of her peers in just about everything!

We're getting ready for Christmas now, how are you getting on with that?


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Hi there!

How are you doing?

Callie's almost 4.5 years old now. She's in a full day preschool/daycare and loves it. Little Conor is almost 14 months old. He's a very busy boy and into EVERYTHING. He attends the same school as Callie and loves playing all day!

We are also getting ready for Christmas here. The day after Thanksgiving, DH and I will likely decorate the outside of the house. We will not do the tree until closer to Christmas itself.

Great to hear from you!!

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Hi Gwen! Glad you guys are well! Post some pics! Wink

Grace loves school, dance, tumble, and soccer. We are busy! Ben is 19 months and I can't believe it! They are very different but are close and pretty good to each other. My babies are growing up an no more for me! Sad