I'm back from my trip!

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I'm back from my trip!

I'm back!!! The kids were soooo good! I don't have a lot of time to post right now, but here are a few pics from Disney! My card reader doesn't like one of my memory cards for some reason, so I can't get the majority of my pictures off my camera yet. Sad

Me and the kids outside France in EPCOT (it was flipping cold!!)

Nate bumming a ride with Alice

Nate with daddy

Alice, strutting her stuff!

Pretty much my view of Nate the whole trip! He was so excited, he was always running!

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Looks like a great trip!!! The kids look so grown up! TFS Smile

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Looks like fun! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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They are so cute! Looks like a fun trip. Smile Yes, Florida gets really cold in winter. I did a Disney trip once in January, and couldn't stay there at night. Too cold!