kids say the funniest things

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kids say the funniest things

What are some cute/funny/cheeky things the kids have said to you recently?

I was in the car with Leia this morning and she was out of her seat (we were parked up at her school) and I asked her to pick something up off the floor for me. She said "you've got hands mummy!" hahaha. Cheeky little mare, made me chuckle though.


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Yes, Thomas definitely pushes the limits. Today at the store, he told me it was time to leave. He was going to put me in the naughty corner if I didn't hurry up. I said, "Who is in charge?" He answered, "No one?" I said to try again, and he admitted that I was in charge. We go through that one pretty often.

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Nate was pretending to have a disco the other day in his bedroom. He came in the office and told me he needed new clothes for the disco, something more stylish! I nearly fell on the floor laughing. And then he picked out his Hawaiian shirt (which he calls his barbatwo (BBQ) shirt) He also likes to say everything is AMAZING!

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Callie says all kinds of crazy things! She had a headache the other day and said "Daddy, my brain hurts." It was adorable! She also says things like "Oh no! His foot is damaged!" (about play doh) and once she told me "These two things are similar!" I love it when she uses big words. She also told me the other day that "Someday I'm going to have to find a nice daddy to marry." Awwwww