Lisa (kittenchan) is having her baby today!

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Lisa (kittenchan) is having her baby today!

Hi ladies,

Lisa's (kittenchan) water broke this morning, so she's off to L&D! I'll keep you all posted as I get updates.


Lisa's baby boy was born at 1:50 PM. 8lb 4oz, 20" long. Mama and baby are doing great! She and DH are still deciding on his name, so she'll have to share that later.

Congrats Lisa and her little one!!! Yahoo

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Thanks for updating us!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa & family!!! Can't wait to "meet" baby boy and to hear your birth story. Yay!!

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Yay! Congratulations Lisa!!!

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Congrats Lisa, welcome to the world little dude!


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Congratulations! Good luck picking a name!