Missing Girl in Ventura - FOUND

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Missing Girl in Ventura - FOUND

She has been found.

Kaylyn Jones Went Missing Thursday Night around 7:30 PM. She was last seen at Banche Renalds Park in Ventura, CA with her sister Melody and some boy named Charley who Melody didn't know, she was wearing a white Tshirt, black and white with pink bows shorts and black flip flops. Melody went to the bathroom and when she came out both the boy and Kaylyn were gone.
She is 14 and about 5'1'' and about 98 lbs.
Please call Dawnmarie, Kaylyn's mother at 805-201-5811 if you have any information at all
Please like the page if you are on Facebook and Share with everyone you know. Thanks.

( And yes I know I have not been around in forever, I will have to come back and update everyone)