Our almost 5 year olds and school

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Our almost 5 year olds and school

Hey ladies! How are our little ones doing???? I can't believe we are all going to have 5 year olds in a few months. How many of you have your kids in Pre-K or preschool? What are their plans for Kindergarten? Biggrin

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Hi Beth!

I was just thinking this last night - I can't believe I'm going to be planning a bday party for my 5 YEAR OLD! haha. It is crazzzzy.

So Leia started pre-school back in Sept 2011 and she then started full time school (her first year) in Sept 2012. It seems like it works differently in the US but here, they start when they're 4 going on 5.

She is doing great and her favourite thing to do at the moment is write letters to people lol. It's cute because she will spell things how they sound so for example, one letter said "I luv yoww" ha too cute. We had behavourial issues at the start of the school year but I haven't heard anything for a while so I'm guessing she is much better Smile

She has been asking me for a baby of late - it is super hard explaining to an almost 5 yr old why we can't just pick and choose when a baby comes lol. She cries her eyes out about it sometimes, bless her.

She still loves the out doors and we get out whatever the weather. We go on holiday (vacation) in May which will be her first holiday abroad and she is sooooo excited. She keeps telling me that she will have brown skin when we get back haha. She's fascinated by people with "brown skin" at the moment. I have no idea why because she has 2 chinese girls in her class but a boy from South Africa just joined and she constantly goes on and on about him!

That's about it.

What about Grace, Beth?


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Hi my friends!

Callie has been in daycare since she was 3 months old. They run a preschool, so she has been attending that for awhile. She is a wild child sometimes and LOVES her brother! She's so good with little man. She'll start Kindergarten in the fall, hopefully at the school I work at. I had to put in for a transfer so that she can come with me, but it'll be good to have her close by. She is super excited about going to 'mommy's school' and meeting new people.

I also can't believe we have almost 5 year olds! I wonder what kind of birthday party we'll be having this year Smile

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Hi everybody!

Time sure does fly! Emily has been in preschool since Sept 201, 3 days a week. She loves school and is very excited about going to Kindergarten with my 1st grader and especially riding the bus with him. I hope everyone is well.

PS - Wow, my pic is REALLY old! I need to update that!

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Hi everyone! I'm in total denial that J is turning 5 and starting school. He's also been attending the same school since he was 6 months old. He's doing so well in the pre-k program. He's ready to move on to kindergarten (I'm the one not ready! LOL)

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Grace is doing well. She loves school and behaves better there than anywhere! Still 9-12am until June. I applied to a few charter and magnet schools in the area. She'll start Kindergarten in the fall. Not sure where as we may be moving for my hubby's job. He has his last interview with Google on the 18th and if salary is enough for costing of living there we'll be heading to the bay area in California in a few months! We just started Grace in therapy once a week to manage ADD/ADHD. I've known for about a year she probably had it. My husband is ADHD so no shocker for the family. heh The therapist suggested to have her tested. She believes she may be gifted and that may effect her behavior in some areas. I've heard insurance may cover it or the school does it? Not sure but I've been told the testing is around $300. :eek: Anywho I'll keep you ladies posted! Hope everyone is well and we see some pics soon! Smile

Can't believe Ben will be 2 in a month! No more babies! Sad

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Hey mommas! Great to see some updates here. I have not been on in too long. Thomas is in pre-k at the same school since he was 2 1/2. He'll start kindergarten in August at our neighborhood school. I could take him to my school, but I prefer to have him with the kids who live near us. Better for playdates, etc. Both schools are excellent.

No, I cannot believe he will be 5. I asked him last night what kind of party he would like. He has no idea. We need to do something indoors since it is SO hot here in June.

My news- baby Julia was born on Valentine's Day! We were team green again, and totally surprised that it wasn't a boy. Thomas is a great brother, very sweet with her. She is kind of tough, to be honest. She fusses a lot during the day, and is not a great napper. She does sleep really well at night, though, so I'll take it. We had an open house to let friends and family come meet her all at once, and I
was so pleased that Beth (PookieB) made it!

I also have to come back another time and update my signature. Yikes that is old!

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Hey Cathy!

Congrats on baby Julia! I'm sure Thomas will love his school. I'll be bringing Callie to the school I work at.. it helps more with after school care. It's a hard decision! Can't wait to see some pics of big brother with little sis Smile

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Did kindergarten round up first week of May. We were given a talk as to how K is more like the 1st or 2nd grade we remember. How they need to know more going it, it's more academic, etc. I know my kiddos are ahead of the curve (and a challenge!) in many ways but after the speech I got all serious about what I need to do.

Then they went over the "need to knows" before they start. Ana - who is three - was on my lap and doing pretty much what they asked, LOL. Not sure why I had a moment of worry. Kindergarden in my day was where where you were taught your letters, so not knowing them first was no big deal. Now kids are expected to know "most capitol letters" to start. Examples were to know the ABC song, be able to recognize their name in capitol letters, etc. Ana sang the ABC song for them and wrote her nick name for them too. Still they should know how to write their full name (Amelia vs Mia) by fall and learn how to tie their shoes. So we have some summer homework so to speak.

I cannot believe the twins start school in the fall.