Where does your LO sleep? - update!

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Where does your LO sleep? - update!

Alicia is driving me nuts! She won't stay in her room at night anymore, yet freaks if we put up the gate...full on 45 minute tantrum. If we leave the gate down, she goes into our room or falls asleep at the top of the stairs, watching us do the evening routine I suppose. I know she's tired, but she doesn't want to miss out on what's going on I guess. If she does go to sleep in her own bed, she wakes about 3, screaming, and ends up in bed with us. She much prefers company while sleeping, but I don't sleep well while she's there. Any ideas? Do you let your LO sleep in bed with you? We are considering putting DJ in her room, when he goes into a bed in a month or so...we wonder if she'll sleep better if he's there. The daycare says she'll only sleep if there's another child in the room with her, otherwise she won't settle down. Ug...what happened to my 12 hour girl?


Well, I think we may have hit on the solution. She asked the other day to sleep with DJ. While I wasn't about to put her in the crib, there is a twin bed in his room. She slept through the night (they both did!) and has slept in there 3 night since...and is now napping in there as well. Apparently my kid really does just want company when she's sleeping. It isn't bothering DJ either...so I guess they can just share a room for now. Funny girl Smile

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Yikes, that sounds awful! Ava is an awesome night sleeper. She's never ever even gotten out of bed by herself. She lies there and waits for me to come get her in the morning! I would persevere with just putting her back in her bed as soon as she gets out, I think.
No matter how many times it takes. Eventually she'll realise there is no point in roaming around, since she'll just end up straight back in bed.

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J sleeps in his bed at night. During the day, I allow him to either sleep in his bed or his tent (in his room), but he is to sleep in his bed at night.
If I were you, I would also continuously train her to sleep in her bed. If I allowed J to sleep in my bed, I think we'd have a heck of a time getting him out!
We went through a time when J didn't want to sleep in his bed by himself. We went out and bought him a night light and then one of us would sit with him until he fell asleep. That worked great until he started talking to us or trying to play with us, avoiding bedtime. We then chose to sit by his door until he fell asleep. We would sit facing away from him and not talk to him if wanted to have a conversation. If he got out of bed, we would guide him back into his bed w/o saying anything. This worked for awhile. Now, when he has trouble going to bed, we leave him in his room and eventually he gets tired enough and will go to bed.

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I have to say, this is a battle I gave up on. We tried everything- night light, music, light on in the hallway, Gloworm. I would put him back in his bed, staying up half the night. The problem is, I have to work, and DH wouldn't help. He would complain about THomas being in our bed, but wouldn't do anything about it. So, I decided that I would rather have Thomas in the bed if that meant I could sleep. DH stopped complaining. It's not perfect, but it works. Thomas will go to bed without a problem, but come in to my bed around midnight.

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Oh I am feeling your pain right now!

About a week before I moved house (so 5 weeks or so ago) Leia started playing up going to bed. She was screaming, like she was scared or in pain and it was hard to listen to, so my Mum let her in bed with her.

We moved into the new place, 1st night straight to bed. Since then it has been on and off.... getting her to bed is the problem. She got herself in that much of a state we would end up letting her sit with us until she fell asleep. The odd night, she will go to bed, others she won't. Last night, she wanted our bed, so we let her fall asleep in there then put her in hers. She woke up about midnight and ended up in with us! It is a nightmare, but usually once she is asleep that's her for the night.... god knows why it was different last night!


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Matthew starts off in his bed but ends up back in our bed at like 11pm. It is not worth the struggle right now. No matter what I do, he keeps coming back into our room.We have a california king bed, so its not like its too cramped. We are going to make the push to make him stay in his bed all night once he gets a bit older. I am a fan of co-sleeping so its not a huge deal to me. .

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This opinion varies a lot. It's nearly impossible to sleep with Grace. She kicks and flips all night. Grace has gotten up because of nightmares but we always put her back to bed with her nightlight on and a stuffed animal that will protect her. She has only been in our bed when sick a few times. About letting her sleep on your bedroom floor? And work slowly on getting her back to her bed.

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That solution sounds very reasonable! Glad it works!!! Smile