28 Week Appt - Yikes!

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28 Week Appt - Yikes!

So today I had my 28 week prenatal appt. All is well. My weight stayed the same, so I haven't lost or gained any, and I'm still down 7lbs from when I got my BFP.

Blood pressure was 131/65 (i think the 65 is right). Baby girls heartbeat was ranging between 140ish - 150. This little girl sure is putting the whole, anything below 150 is a boy thing to shame because she's had lowish heartbeats this whole time.

I mentioned my RLP and the contractions and yep, she said exactly what I figured she would: I'm to sit back, relax, rest more and the rest of the family takes over the household chores. She even said right infront of them, we DON"T want this baby girl to come too early, we have at best 8 more weeks till she can safely arrive without any issues etc. Holy crap, just typing that out makes me feel kinda anxious, because, the weeks are flying by for me and 8 weeks will be here and gone before I know it :eek: *runs around board screaming like a crazy lady - AHHHHHHHHHHH*

My belly is measuring 2 weeks ahead at 30 weeks, I sure as heck don't look it, in my books! I was always measuring a few weeks ahead with Hailey, too.

OH and.............. I"M NOW ON EVERY 2 WEEK APPTS! :eek: :eek: :eek: Now those 8 weeks for her to safely arrive are REALLY going to go fast!! Hubby and I expected her to give me one more monthly which would have put me at 32 weeks, but I think things changed slightly. Next appt I get my preadmittance package to fill out, then at 32 weeks I call and schedule my preadmittance/hospital tour date. Last year with Hailey, I went in at 35 weeks for the preadmittance paper work/tour/see the delivering Dr as that's when they did it, so I guess every 2 weeks it is now. Talk about making me realize that the end is very near, cause once I start these appts the last of the pregnancy just flies by.

Oh and I got all kinds of goodies from my NP :D. I was being nosey to see what was on the table in the room, and there as all sorts of info booklets etc, and I noticed an Enfamil sample nutrition kit for breastfeeding and supplementing moms. As she was looking around to see what all to give me, I had said "Oh, I see you have the formula samples for when the baby is born, those are very handy, we used those little bottles with Hailey" so she gave me one!!! In it, it has 4 of the Enfamil A+ bottles of formula you get in the hospital, 4 nipples to go on it, 2 breastmilk storage bottles, and a small box of the Vitamin D drops you're supposed to give a full term breastfeeding baby. I also got a 5 dollar off coupon for the formula, too! I'm sure I'll probably get another one along the way, and hopefully the hospital is nice and gives me some too. I absolutely LOVE those little bottles, they're very handy for when we're out etc. I breastfeed 98% of the time, but sometimes the odd little bit is nice, cause then hubby can feed. I know alot of people don't agree with that, but for us it works, especially if we had to leave baby with someone else, rather than getting a pump etc, we could leave baby with something we know they'll drink.

I also got my paper work to get my rhogam shot and to go in to drink my wonderful drink. Probably do that sometime next week. Not looking forward to fasting for 14 hours though. In order to get it done in a timely fashion, I'd have to stop eating/drinking at 6pm so that I can go in at 8am the next day when the lab opens and get it done. NOT looking forward to it.

All in all, was a good appt, however I don't think I'm ready for the end to be so near yet, probably because I JUST went through it all last year.

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time sure is flying by...

make those kids moving to help out lol... I know how much help they can be lol..

as for the bottles i do the samething because sometimes it is just nice to have that time to your self and to let someone else(dad) know that he can still be part of the baby other then diapers lol...

cant wait to see your little girl...

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Wow! It's going fast! Yea- as a NICU nurse please try to keep her in for a while longer;)! Glad everything is looking good!

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Just reading this and you are now past 30 weeks...omg...I can't believe how fast time flies and you are so close to having another one already! Is there some kind of weird time warp you enter when you have kids, and suddenly everything goes WAY faster? Seems like it.

Glad everything is going well...keep it up just a bit longer now, mama!

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Wow! Not much longer!!!!