Ainsley's Birthday Party (pic heavy)

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Ainsley's Birthday Party (pic heavy)

Here's some pictures from Ainsley's party this past weekend.

Invitations (candy themed party)

Paper flowers/fluff balls/whatever you call them I made for the party

Daddy at the grill

Ainsley eating watermelon

Gumdrops- Trevor's masterpiece (they looked like they were graffitied with spray glitter)

The bouncy house we gave Aidan last year as a big brother present (it was on sale for $100) came in handy

Ainsley opening presents. She loved the books!

A part of the candy buffet table

Flowers decorating the candy buffet


Mmm... Food

This one's for free because it's so cute.

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Totally adorable! How creative and sweet! (haha no pun intended ;))

PS Nice job she's doing with the watermelon there. I gave Addy a big slice of watermelon the other day when she was wearing a white dress, and by the time she was done, it looked like the prom scene from Carrie

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Awww very cute!! What a fun looking party! Great idea!

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those are so sweet... it looks like it would have been great fun..

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Mmmmm, look at all the food :drool:

Er, I mean, look how cute she is and all the goodies! Looks like she had a great time Biggrin

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What a great little party! I love the invites and the candy table! We are having Alex's party this weekend since he had the stomach bug for the original party.

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Oh my goodness, she is so cute and that party looked like a BLAST!