Alyssa's Birth Story - VERY long!

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Alyssa's Birth Story - VERY long!

Well, as you all know Thursday Sept 1st I went in to have my membranes swept. Started off as a normal kind of day, and didn't really expect anything to happen. Got to my appt and had a small wait as the Dr was off doing something else. The sweep itself wasn't too bad, I didn't feel a thing and actually had to ask "that's it?" when he was done, lol. Never had one before so was clueless. Upon being checked, I was still a good 3cms dilated and the Dr said I was about 70% effaced at that point - 20% more than I was a few days before, so that seemed promising that baby girl would be here soon. She was also in the head down position, so as of 3pm that day, we were locked in and ready to have a baby!

We talked to the Dr a bit about some other things, and off we went. Hubby bought us lunch, he wanted me - and him, to have a bit of food in us just in case the sweep worked and labor started. So, we ate then went and took a walk on the boardwalk, then went and picked up the kids, and went home.

We ended up visiting a friend for a bit, we only had the girls as the inlaws said they'd keep the boys. While visiting, my contractions started, and while I wasn't timing them, they were fairly close. So, after a bit, we decided to leave and ended up dropping the girls off again, and off to the hospital we went. This all started about 6pm, and after timing they were pretty consistant in the 3-5 min range. They were also a bit stronger than what I had been experiencing, too, and we knew that probably no matter what, baby girl would soon be born. At least, that's what we let ourselves believe at the time.

So, we do the whole admit, get changed, checked stuff. Contractions are still coming on regularily. We were told though, that chances are after a bit of monitoring, I'd probably be sent home, they were full. All their beds were filled already, and in the morning they had 3 more c-sections to do. At that point we figured we were screwed, and it was yet another 'wasted trip'. The Dr had told us though, that if we went back with steady contractions, and since I was now term, he would break my water, and not send me home. As many of you will recall, he didn't want to risk me delivering quickly on the side of the highway and that's what his plan was for me, to deliver in the hospital and not risk a worst case scenario. Oh, and when I explained to the nurses what was going on, and what the Dr's plans were, we were told basically it wasnt gonna happen because they were filled as it was, and that I should just go home. Uhh, sure, I was still contracting steadily, had a membrane sweep, and yet, you wanna send me home against what the Dr said? Don't think so!

So, we hung out a bit, and got told he'll keep me over night for observation, and probably break my water in the morning after all his c-sections were completed. At midnight I was given another sweep, and then we attempted to get some rest.

1AM - someone comes in who's in labor. Great, now we're REALLY screwed and will be sent home and the possible worst case scenario happening. We hoped for the best and that they wouldn't tell me to take a hike.

4:30am -I've slowly progressed to about 3 1/2 cms dilated, but now I have bloody show. Yep, sounds just like what we went through a year prior with Hailey. Super slow progression.

8AM - FINALLY we have some progression! I'm now 5cms dilated as checked by the DR, yet, he won't break my water because he has 2 c-sections to do. He didn't want to risk me zipping along and he's in the OR. So, we ended up having to play the waiting game. He also said NO I am not going home. He did say later though, if he hadn't checked me the day before at the sweep and not notice the change between then and 8am Friday, he may have considered sending me home just cause they were over filled etc. Ok, so if that's what it came to, we would have been alright with it I guess. I get they had more than enough on their plates, but thankfully I progressed enough on my own to warrent staying put.

At 1ish, hubby left for a bit, and the one nurse came in to check me. She had the nerve to ask if I wanted to go home, so I said no, he's going to come and break my water, he just needed to get the sections done with first and already said he was NOT going to be sending me home. So she was kinda snotty and was like "OH, how far along are you? Oh, you're only 37 weeks, he can't do that, we need to have a consult first, you can't do that till your due date" So I said, uh, no, he did it last year and no one questioned it, she said well, it's procedure and she has to do her job accordingly and save and cover her a$$ so she had to go and phone some other Dr and ugh. Yep, that started the stress factor! And besides, I was 5 cms dilated... and here she wants me to go home. We had no idea if my body was gonna do it's own thing or not, and what if it did, how totally screwed would I be to deliver on the highway because they're too full and don't wanna deal with yet one more person? The one nurse I had was alright, but she even seemed to suggest that I would be sent home, and the Resident that was working with my Dr seemed to think/feel the same thing, even though she heard what he had said earlier in the day when I got the sweep done. We didn't like her much, but we know that she was just doing her job and making sure she covered all areas, but she came off on it the wrong way with us. Oh and in regards to the nurse who needed to cover her behind, she wanted to check me and I said nope, sorry. Hubby isn't here and he said NO checks at all till he gets back. She looked at me funny and walked out. Sorry, but if things had taken off after being checked again, since you just never know, last thing we needed was him to not be there. I called him and told him what was going on and he best get back asap. I was pissed at that point.

Finally, 2:50pm the Dr shows up. I asked if he's here to do what he said he was gonna do, he laughed and said yeah, then "well, what do YOU want me to do?" So I said, well break my water and lets have this baby lol. So of course, that's what happened. Now we play the waiting game. After that, miss. snotty nurse was being as nice as could be... ha, don't mess with us, we know what's going on, and procedures and policys... ha, who needs em? Oh, yeah and she came in and mumbled "I don't care, my a$$ is covered" right after he came in and was getting gloves and whatnot. MEOW!

Upon being checked, he said I was about 5-6cms and we would wait 6 hours to start pitocin. Reason being is to give my body a good chance to do something on it's own before starting interventions. I was fine with that, and hubby and I both figured that being around 6cms was a good start. So again we sat around. Went walking, sat outside, hubby made a couple calls to update people. It was really nice out, kinda warm but was nice and far better than my delivery room, which had no window because we were in the other one, so it was gloomy in there. Oh, and the same thing happened this time as it did with Hailey - once my water broke the contractions died down to really random intervals. Till then they were still fairly consistant at 3-5 mins apart.

Didn't do much of anything after that. Hubby and I tried to get some rest, watched tv, walked a bit. Finally around 8 the nurse came in and said we were gonna start pitocin. Finally, there was gonna be an end and enough nonsense and bs. Now I knew that things were gonna hopefully zip along and we'd have our baby girl and not one single nurse could walk in and even think about suggesting that I go home, or that my Dr is an idiot and can't do what was discussed with me and hubby without having to consult other Dr's, blah blah blah. We were both tired and simply had enough.

9pm came and they got me ready to get the drip put in. I think it wasn't till 9:20 that the actual drip got started, but at that point I didn't care. All I was thinking was, hurry up and increase it already lol. Every 30 mins they up it by 10. So, again, we had a bit more of uneventfulness. I was glad too, they had called in a 3rd nurse because they had so many of us in there, and one has to stay with me at all times to keep watch on the monitors etc. The nurse called in was one of my nurses I had when I delivered Hailey, and while she says "sorry" alot, I liked her. Least she wasn't gonna try and say a bunch of bs to piss us off!

Hubby had fallen asleep and was snoring up a storm, probably about 10:30pm. Well, that made me and the nurse laugh because he was really loud and I told her he gets way worse than that. I think it was around 11pm when the Dr's Resident came in to see how things were going and to check my progress. Even she had to laugh at hubby, and while it seems mean to have laughed, at least it was a bit of stress relief, even if he was annoying the hell out of me! So, I got checked and She said oh, you're about 7cms, at which point I was shocked. Usually by 7cms I'm near, or in my teary eyed, holy hell this hurts stage. At this point, I was feeling very little discomfort, enough to say 3/10 but nothing major. Contractions weren't happening very frequent either, and by then they would have been frequent. THEN, she said, wait, I don't think that's the head I'm feeling, and I was like, WHAT!? She asked the nurse, and they were talking, and she said it's really squishy, whatever she's feeling, but it wasn't the head. Well that started getting me freaked out. She ran out and went and got the portable ultrasound machine, and did an ultrasound on me. Sure enough, after poking and probbing, they found that the head was down on the left side, and her bum was up on the right. I looked at her and asked in a really weak, almost squeaky sounding voice "does this mean what I think it means?". She said, well it could, but she would call the Dr and get his input. So, she left the room, and I lost it. My nurse asked what was wrong, and I told her, then I asked her to wake hubby up. Well, what a shock to him, I was crying when he got up and he assumed I was at that "holy this hurts, teary eyed stage". I couldn't quite fill him in, so my nurse took over... thank god for her!

The resident came back and told us that the Dr thought there could be a possibility of her flipping, even if it meant her going breech. He could still deliver if she was breech. So hubby and I kinda sat there for a bit stunned, and not sure what to think or do. At that point, the Dr had left the choice up to us - go for a csection or wait it out and see if she flipped. He was kind of confident she would flip one way or another. The resident however, in a shocking turn of events, asked if we wanted her to call him back and ask him to come in, it was as she put it "the least she could do". Remember, we didn't like her much because she was too much of a 'book thrower' so to speak, we had to do things by the book, though we understand being a resident she had to cover all grounds, but went about it in a slight wrong way for us. So, in comes the Dr, and he's just standing there, with this look on his face. Everyone in the room was quiet, then I asked what he thought the chances of her flipping would be. He said well, he's not sure but has seen it happen, they generally know to get into position, but he checked me. That's when everything went down hill.

He said no, we can't wait. Feels like a shoulder or something, and since I was 7cms there just wasn't time to sit and wait to see if she'd flip. He said we COULD wait, however, there's a chance that if we did that, baby wouldn't make it. We'd be in a worse position if we waited, because then it would be a rush against the clock so to speak rushing to OR to get her out if my body kicked in and did what it was supposed to do. You can just imagine my fear and my reaction to hearing that 1 - I had no choice but to combat my extreme fear of being sliced open, and 2 - if I chose to wait, my baby could die. Eventually I said, well, I guess so. We need to do what's best for baby girl. I know, I know, saying something like "well I guess so" doesn't seem fitting, but honestly, I had NO idea what to say or do at that moment, other than I knew she had to come out one way or another, and it needed to be the best way possible.

So, prep got started on me. My necklace and rings had to come off, my nail polish removed, and the cathetor put in. My god, as if being poked and prodded wasn't bad enough, but to have one of those put in was even worse. Hubby was taken out to get into his Dr uniform... I should have listened to the nurse and took a pic, it really was pricless to see him dressed like that, and I know the kids woulda thought it comical as well, but at that point, I sorta ignored what she said and was just thinking about what was to come - and freaking out. I do regret it now though not having that pic, but what can ya do. Then, we were told we couldn't have the camera in the OR, I have NO pics of her first moments in the heated bed getting checked out etc. I was really bummed about that, but I guess it had to do with germs and whatnot, so understandable in a way, but still kind of upsetting.

Well, into the OR we got, and then I REALLY started freaking out. I didn't know what to expect, what the outcome would be, nothing. Hubby had to stay out in the hall till they got me set up and ready to get the freezing in, and man oh man THAT HURT! What a strange feeling it was too, and one point my right leg started twitching, which freaked me out. I guess it was just because he was moving the stuff all around. He poked me a bunch of times, and nothing, then he said "well I'm gonna try once more and if it don't work, I'm gonna have to put you to sleep" Well that did it. I did all I could to hold it together, but the thought of going to sleep and waking up not knowing anything was enough to scare the crap outta me. Finally he said, ok, your bum should start getting warm, and it was. Ok, so down I went, then I was strapped in like some mental patient. I guess in my case I probably could have passed as one :eek:. He started explaining to me what I would feel, what I would hear etc. He said I'd hear a sucking noise from one of the hoses and that was my 1 minute timer to know that the baby would be out. He told the Dr that they should wait a couple mins to make sure I was well frozen, but it seemed in no time I was good to go. Again, I got some more explaining - I may feel sick, he was giving me shots of something and it would burn going in. My BP was real low but it picked back up after he gave me something.

I did get sick a couple times, yeah that's real fun tilting your head to the side to puke in a pan, then have to be wiped up by the anasthesiologist - I know that's spelled wrong, I usually don't even try and spell it lately I just call him the freezing man LOL. I got sick after they had given Alyssa to me, I wanted a bit more time with her, but had to have hubby take her so I could puke again :(.

All I was waiting for was that 1 min alarm to let me know she was coming out. I wanted to know she was safe and that we weren't going to be one of those unfortunate parents of something gone wrong. Finally, I heard it and the 'freezing man' said, oh, she'll be here in a minute. Then I heard her cry, then I cried, and freaked out some more. I do remember I was pulling up alot on the wrist restraints alot. Not sure why, I guess because I was so scared. Hubby got to go and see Alyssa when they took her to the nursery, and it took an hour to put me back together. At 230am I was brought into recovery for half an hour. Hubby joined me soon after I was brought in, then at 3am, I was brought into my room and finally really got to see my new baby girl.

It was by far one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I think things would have been slightly different had I had time to prepare for it, you know by say, a couple months. Making a choice like that and everything happening so fast in a matter of 5 mins or so isn't exactly thrilling and what one would call exciting. Even the Dr was rather bothered by it all, he wasn't wanting to have to do it either, especially since I've had 4 successful births prior. I did ask after the fact what he thought happened, and he said, while her head was there the whole time, she wasn't in enough, so when he broke my water, the force of the gush somehow dislodged her and she was able to flip, but didn't have time to flip back to where she should be.

So, Saturday September 3rd at 1:30am, Alyssa Renee was born. She weighed 7lbs, 10 1/2ozs and supposedly measured 21 1/2 inches long. They did this to me when Hailey was born and we were told that they measure the crevices etc "why I dunno", and she was only about 19 inches long, Alyssa should be much the same. Her APGAR scores at 1 minute and 5 minutes were both a 9. Couldn't ask for better!

Oh, and the next day the snotty nurse who had to have a consult done to 'save her a$$' walked in, saw me and was asking how I felt etc and mentioned about the section and said "And that's why we do consults". Uh, hello? The baby shifting could happen to ANYONE, and it's not in anyone's control when it happens. I was just the unlucky one to have it happen at the last minute with no time to wait and hope.

Pics will come later on today or tomorrow. This post has taken me a long time to type up lol. Thank god we had come up with her name a couple days prior, I wouldn't have wanted to go through trying to figure out a name through all of that! What an emotional ride it was, and still is.

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Oh Kristina, wow! That is quite a birth story. I don't even know where to start. I'm so mad at the one nurse for you that it's hard to even know what to say. Nice job keeping your composure with her. Ugh people like that shouldn't be around women in labor. And the c-section part sounds really scary, especially if it's something you were afraid of to begin with. You seem to be handling the whole thing really well. At least now the bad parts are behind you and you have a nice healthy baby. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

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"FlyChick" wrote:

Oh Kristina, wow! That is quite a birth story. I don't even know where to start. I'm so mad at the one nurse for you that it's hard to even know what to say. Nice job keeping your composure with her. Ugh people like that shouldn't be around women in labor. And the c-section part sounds really scary, especially if it's something you were afraid of to begin with. You seem to be handling the whole thing really well. At least now the bad parts are behind you and you have a nice healthy baby. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

I couldn't have said it better myself. That story made me really mad in about eleven hundred parts. I'm glad the outcome was a healthy baby girl, but I'm sorry you had such a stressful experience!

(And by the way, you were only one letter off in anesthesiologist--pretty darn good I'd say! Wink )

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I'm glad it all turned out well. Being a NICU nurse myself I can see the medical aspect of it and being concerned for Alyssa, but it should be done in a way that doesn't cause more stress to the family. It's hard in those situations where you really don't have time and every minute counts. Having been through 2 sections myself I can understand you being scared. It was especially scary for me since I see sections everyday and know exactly what they're doing! Anyway, glad everything turned out well and everyone is settling in!

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I'm so sorry, Kristina. Even with almost a month to prepare, and a week for sure, I still suffer every single day from having Alice via c-section. There hasn't been a day yet where I don't think about it and hate myself. The nurse deserves to be knocked in the head, and though I'm glad Alyssa is out and safe, I understand that sometimes that isn't enough---or, at least, it isn't for me. I hope your recovery goes smoothly, both physically and emotionally.

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Wishing you a smooth recovery, and loads of love to your new baby girl. Sorry it was so scary for you. xxx