Back to work tomorrow :(

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Back to work tomorrow :(

Tomorrow is my first day back to work in a year. This past week has been sooo stressful. We were having issues with Hailey's babysitter. When I dropped her off for the last of her "trial" days, I had gotten 3 phone calls from the babysitter before noon, one of which I had to go over and put Hailey down for a nap myself. (which was happening each and everytime she went there) I was so upset that day, my babysitter obviously had no idea how to handle a screaming/crying baby who was adjusting to a new person/place. I franticly called every daycare I could find in the phone book to try to find a new place for her to go at the last minute. (I was 2 days away from going back to work) Of course every place I called had a waiting list of at least a year. Luckily a friend recommended a place that is licenced that her kids go to, so I called them, and they had one immediate opening. So that afternoon I met with the director and had a tour. The staff there are wonderful and I really felt very comfortable. So today I took Hailey for her first "trial" afternoon, and she did so great!! She was so happy when I went to pick her up.. was in the arms of one of the workers, and I reached my arms out for her to come to me, and she turned and hugged the worker insted! She was instantly comfortable with them. I feel such relief!!! Tomorrow is my first day back to work... I cannot belive a whole year has gone by. It's crazy!! But I am so grateful to live where I do, where I could take a whole year off (paid) and be with my baby.

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Big hugs to you Mama! :bigarmhug: Going back to work is really tough. I'd imagine having spent a year at home it's going to be a huge adjustment for you but I also think it's so fantastic that you live somewhere where you have the opportunity to be home for so long.

It also must be such a huge relief having her somewhere where you know she's happy. The fact that she was totally happy in the arms of the coworker says a ton about that place and I'm really happy for you that you found it. Too bad that the babysitter didn't work out if that's the route you wanted to take, however I personally would take a good daycare over a good babysitter for many reasons.

If you need any support or venting, come here! It's a big change for you all.

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I am so, so happy for you that you found a place you (and Hailey!) feel comfortable with! Big hugs indeed--it'll be an adjustment, but hopefully a good one overall.

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I'm glad you found a place. We had the same experience with Ian and we had him at a place where he cried every day...once we took him out of there and put him in another place, he was fine. We just have to listen to our babes...even if they can't talk.

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I'm glad you found a good place for Hailey. I remember with DS I was so jealous of my Canadian mom friends who got a whole year off when I got only 5 weeks. But, I saw how hard it was for them to go back after a year and I realized that it was still really painful for them in a completely different way. I hope this period of transitioning goes well for you. :bighug: