Bathtime tantrums.. HELP!

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Bathtime tantrums.. HELP!

Hailey loves the water, and once she is sitting in the bath, she loves to play and splash. The problem is GETTING her to sit... she wants to stand at the side of the tub, but I just can't let her do that, it's slippery. I've tried one of those bathrings that they sit in, but she makes herself stiff and won't bend to sit in it. Tonight when I tried to sit her in the tub, she threw the biggest fit, and screamed and cried, and threw herself around. I ended up just laying her in the tub and scrubbing as quickly as I could, and then taking her out... at which point she continued the tantrum and wouldn't sit, stand or lay down.. she just kept making her body go limp and throwing her head back. :help1: I have seen my 2 year old niece throw fits like this before, but never expected it to be this bad this young!!

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Welcome to the joys of one-year olds! Sadly, the independent phase won't go away anytime soon. For us, we stopped giving baths and switched to showers. In fact, Alice hadn't had a bath since she learned to sit up at 4 months old...I just take her in the shower.

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I used to insist on Will sitting in the tub (he goes in the big tub in the bathroom - not a little tub anymore). But now he is very solid on his feet so we let him stand - otherwise it is a huge fight. (The only time I am extra careful is right after I have cleaned the tub in which case it can be extra slippery). We had one huge tantrum and I also just rushed through the cleaning. It was awful.
They do sell bathtub rubber suctiony mats for the bottom of the tub - that might make it less slippery (my grandma had one in her shower).
Some things are worth fighting - and I didn't think that this is one of them for me.

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We haven't had any problem with baths, but boy have we entered the age of tantrums! Totally feel your pain on that part.

I was going to suggest either trying showers or getting some grippy things for the bottom of the tub. Addy only really has baths for fun--her main cleanup is showering with me.

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Morgan is content to sit in the tub for now. With DD1, we just kept sitting her down and sitting her down. It is no fun though. Morgan has started throwing major tantrums too. Especially during diaper changes. Oh,the joys....

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M doesn't yet have tantrums with the bathtub but that's probably coming soon for us. She remembers towards the end of bathtime that she wants to stand up and as soon as she makes a move to, bathtime is over. I'd imagine she'll start to throw tantrums as soon as she wants to stand up earlier in the bath experience. She's also a big diaper change tantrum thrower.

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I also just allow him to stand and got a mat for the bottom of the tub. If big brother is in there with him then he usually sits down. Let the games begin!