BF advice??

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BF advice??

Sadies top teeth have finally come through. Now BF has become painful again Sad My nipples feel like they did the first few weeks after she was born. Shes not biting, but she just can't seem to get the same latch as before. Almost makes me want to start weaning her......
I think I'm gonna go pull out the lanolin again :rolleyes:

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When all of Becca's top teeth came in back in Feb, it took me a little while to get used to them. I think I had to toughen up in new places. We got through it and haven't had probs other than the baaaad biting spell she went through.

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I have no advice, but Ainsley is bad about this, too. She's got ten teeth going on in that mouth of hers. She isn't super bad about biting like she used to, but her teeth still scrape against me. Ouch.

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I have no advice, I got lucky in a way and was done bfing before any of them had any teeth! Good for you though for lasting so long even with the issues in the beginning! :openarms:

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Their latch does have to adjust after getting those top teeth! Monte's never felt the same afterwards, and he preferred to sit upright straddling me to nurse. It was actually far more comfortable latch-wise than lounging on me like before. You will have to experiment and work together! I'm just sayin', if you want to wean there is nothing wrong with that!

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I agree--so proud of you for doing such an outstanding job with the BFing, especially considering your initial troubles! I don't have any advice because Addy STILL only has her two bottom middles...although I suspect her of teething at the moment because she's been really horrible at sleeping, is drooling a lot, and keeps pointing in her mouth and looking at me. Oh, and last night on nurse number 324872365, I had actually fallen asleep nursing and she $#q&*^$ BIT ME, HARD. Lovely way to wake up at 3:30am. I'm not super happy to hear that top teeth create another bump in the BFing road...I'm already so over the whole thing (although I will stick with it as long as Addy will for the health benefits!) Not looking forward to more pain, though. I already have been having a weird time right now because she WAY upped her intake when she was sick last week, and then totally dropped off again, so I was getting engorged and leaking everywhere like a brand new mom...UGH. Seems to me like the most consistent rule when it comes to BFing (as long as you know what you're doing in terms of a good latch, etc) is "This too shall pass"

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For me, I am sore for about 1 week with each new tooth. Then it all goes away. I used those boobie ice packs and that really helped. Hang in there!

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We have trouble with new teeth too, and it is usually about a week and then it goes away and back to normal. I do find the scraping very painful though (it's always as he unlatches). I had to get the lanolin back out on the last occasion, and I found it helped to keep changing the position just for that week, to move him away from biting the same place more than once!