Camping Trip

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Camping Trip

Had an awesome camping trip this weekend, and I thought I would share pics. Addy officially LOVES the great outdoors. She's a girl after her mother's heart Smile

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Oh my gosh, what great pictures!! Love the one with her at the lake, with the caption I love lakes too... that picture is awesome!!!

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What a nice getaway! We have a year round campsite that we keep our travel trailer on and our boat in the water! I love camping!

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That looked like so much fun (except maybe the super classy motel room stay) I'm super jealous! I want to go camping SO BAD. We were thinking about it last weekend, but we had (gulp) snow.

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Oh, how I wish I were more outdoorsy; what beautiful scenery. It looks like a lot of fun!

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Oh, wow, that looks amazing. Gorgeous pictures and Addy looks like she's had the time of her life.