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So Hailey had her first morning at the daycare today....please tell me it will get easier?! She was fine when I left, but when it came time for a nap, I guess she screamed and cried for over an hour, and finally the sitter called me and I had to go over and settle her for her nap. :confused: I don't know if you remember or not, but awhile back I posted about trying the CIO route because she is just so particular about her naps... we gave that up after 6 days because it was NOT working.. so I talked it over with the sitter, and she said that she would lay down with her until she is alseep, the same way I do. (we also bought a fold up little foam mattress for her to lay on insted of the bed, as she is moving around more now) Up until now, I'm the only person to ever put her down for naps, so I guess it will take some getting used to on Hailey's part. *sigh* She goes back for another morning next Tuesday.. here's hoping it gets better!! When I went to pick her up at lunch time, she was happily sitting with the other babies playing away, so I guess that's one good thing right?!

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I think that sounds pretty normal, and I'm sure she will settle down. Addy hasn't gone to daycare yet but she does stay with my mom or SIL every weekday and she is fine most of the time. Of course there are days here and there where she fights nap, but she does that with me too! I can also tell you that I started watching my niece at 18 months in the height of her separation anxiety period (which we are starting in on at this age...) the first week was a little bit rough, with some crying, but I can tell you that by week two she was mentioning mommy but was easy to distract, and by week three she was happily waving "Bye, Mommy!" and not even bringing it up. She's cried for Mommy for five minutes maybe once or twice in the nine months I've been watching her since that first week, and that was when she wasn't feeling well. Most days when I show up, she starts bouncing up and down shouting "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEIGH'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Biggrin

So yes, it does get better! That sounds like a reasonable first try to me, and it sounds like you have a flexible and caring person watching her, so...hang in there! The director at the (awesome) daycare/school where I signed Addy up for this fall was saying that these transitions are often harder on the parents than on the babies...I believe it!

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You do sound like you've found a lovely caring person. I have no experience at all with this, but I'm sure things will get easier in time. First days are always going to be hard. Hugs for mummy!

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I don't have experience with my own kids in daycares, but pre-kids I did work in one...specifically with the 0-2 year old age group. Best advice we could give parents was that the child needed consistency. Our director would tell any perspective parent only using us part time that adjustment times would take longer, because the kids coming to us on the same day, same time, week after week (not necessarily every day, like we had some kids only come Mon-Wed or Wed-Fri) because they knew what to expect. Consistency is key here for this age group because they're starting to understand themselves, though they don't know time, they do know routine. It's a good thing your sitter is on par with your sleeping, because that isn't something our facility would have ever been able to accommodate, and sadly CIO was the only thing practiced....a huge reason why I switched to the 1-2 yr old room. Between separation anxiety and the age, it will get better, in time, as long as it's consistent and she knows what to expect and when to expect it.