Favorite baby wrap? XP

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Favorite baby wrap? XP

I am going to post this on the babywearing board as well, but I know alot of you wear, so I wanted to get your input. I was planning on carrying the Metromamma wraps in my store, but it seems they have gone out of business. I don't want to carry the Moby right now and a local store has just started carrying the Ergo, so I'm holding off on those. At the startup, I can only carry one or two kinds and the store is upscale natural parenting products. So, I want something that is stylish and works great. Ideally, I would like a wrap and possibly one other type of carrier. Do you have any recommendations?


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The Sleepywraps are really nice wraps; very similar to the Moby (but I believe more fun colors which is a great selling point). Have you considered carrying a Mei Tai? I really liked mine with Monte. Honestly, I have a Beco Butterfly, have tried the Babyhawk, and Ergo wins for me. I find it far more comfortable than the others. However, there is a Swedish carrier on the market that looked really appealing. I cannot remember what it is called though, but maybe someone will know what I am speaking of. And, of course, if it comes to me I will let you know!

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I like the Moby because they have two levels of wraps -- the less expensive plain ones and the fancy fabric ones.

My favorite structured carrier is the Ergo. I haven't tried any other buckle type carrier though.

The other idea is pocket carriers, the ones I like are Kangaroo Carriers, out of Minnesota.

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I liked the Maya wrap. M did not enjoy it so much but I think other people have had success with it. Next time I'll definitely use the Maya wrap from the start, I think I waited too long with M.

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I definitely wouldn't recommend a Moby, or any stretchy wrap with a baby over 3 months old.

I switched to woven wraps when Ivor was 3 months old, and the difference was just incredible. So much more supportive, and so much less hot and sweaty. I would highly recommend Girasol and Didymos wraps, though they are expensive. I also have a Vatanai which is great, and I have an Ellevill from Norway which is very easy to wrap with.

I also think the woven wraps are beautiful.

I have a buckle carrier too, a Manduca, which is excellent, very similar to Ergo. But it just doesn't have the beauty of the wraps so rarely gets seen on me. It's totally DH friendly though.

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Wrap (my fave stages for using it)
Moby (newborn-18lb)
Maya ring sling (birth-walking)
Ergo (3 months-3 years/40lbs)
Mei tie (mine was home made I used it until they got to be about 25lbs)
I also had a pocket sling but it was better for the hip carry stage

I used the Ergo more then any of the others, best $80 I spent on 1 infant/baby/toddler thing. I find them a must have. Holds infant, you can brestfeed, hip carry, and ride them on your back until the toddler years. It lives on the back seat of my van. I won't go out without it.
Daddy and baby-sitter frendly since you don't have to "know how to use it".

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Maya ring sling was our HERO until she finally outgrew the cradle hold (6m!) but I still love it for a quick and easy hip carry. And I get compliments on it all the time (like people stop me in the store almost every time I wear it).

Still haven't found a structured carrier I like. Part of the problem is Addy not liking to be carried facing in. I would agree that the Ergo is much more comfortable than the Beco (which is what I have, but I have used my SIL's Ergo and prefer it--live and learn!). I would suggest Mei Tai for the second type--it's versatile and comfortable (mine is homemade--I bet the "real" ones are even more comfortable) ETA: I just find the mei tai to be much easier to put on than dealing with all the straps and buckles and adjustments necessary with the Beco. By the time I get her in that thing, she is SO OVER the whole idea of being in a carrier. With the Mei Tai, it's wrap, hop, tie. Done.