First bday pics and 1y stats!

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First bday pics and 1y stats!

We had a few friends over for Jake's birthday, thought I would share some pics! Also had his 1 y appt the other day, he is 30in tall(50th) and 18.9lbs(just under the 25th) My little peanut!! He is going through a throwing food phase ugh!! He used to be such a good eater but now seems to be going through a fussy phase. Hoping it's just a phase or teething or something rathe than a habit!




Party Favors:

Jacob and friends!

Looking very suspicious!!

Yummy cupcake!!


Checking out his new sunnies.

Thanks for letting me share!

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They're gorgeous!!!! His eyes are the most beautiful blue!!!!! Looks like a great party and he had a great time! Hoping his food throwing phase is over soon!