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fussy fussy FUSSY

I'm exhausted today. Evangeline is generally quite discontent, as were her older siblings as babies. She is rarely happy for more than five minutes, and I'm having a hard time doing anything. That's all, hahahaha Wink

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry...I've been lucky, Adair is normally a happy little soul, but this past week (teething hell) makes me wonder how people with more high-needs babies function at all! I don't know if I could survive it. You are a strong mama! I hope she gets to a happier stage soon for you.

Good thing they're so cute, eh?

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Oh I can relate!!! DS was very "high-maintenence" as I call it. Wasn't a very happy baby. Morgan is the same way! Most days I feel like pulling my hair out at some point during the day. I can't get anything done. The only way she is truly content is if she is on my hip. And she wants ME most of the time. DH always says to her, "good thing you are cute". Anyway, I feel you Biggrin

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Hailey is the same.. but just around me. She is a little angel for DH,but when I am around, she is whiney/fussy wanting my attention 24/7. :eek: Hope this stage passes soon for you so you can get some work done!

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We have said the exact same thing for months about Ivor, that he doesn't like being a baby. Also DH has regularly says it's a good thing he's cute. Hopefully, as a silver lining for all the hard work now, the same personality trait will mean they are driven to go after the things in life that will make them happy as adults. That's what I hope for Ivor anyway! But yes, we're climbing the walls here some days because I don't get five minutes, ever.

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Sorry ((hugs)) Emma was crabby last nite she's working on her molars *sigh*