Here we go again...

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Here we go again...

Well looks like I am 6-7 weeks along with baby #2 which is exciting. I have been wanting to get going since about February but DH was not so sure but he finally agreed in November so we were off to the races. I knew I had become pregnant very quickly (tight stomach, general not feeling well) but then after a week or so (still too early for the pregnancy test I had at home - I did use it but it came up negative) I suddenly started feeling nothing. Then I had a day of heavy bleeding and I really didn't feel anything / pregnant again from that point forward so I thought I had miscarried. Well quite a few weeks passed and I was still convinced (so much so that I didn't even bother) taking another test. Then our household got the flu, and then Will entered yet another phase of sleep protesting (so I felt awful from exhaustion). Then about a week ago I was emailing my sister who has had 3 months of horrid morning sickness and as I was typing and telling her I was so glad she was over the nausea, the morning sickness, etc.... it dawned on .... my feeling unwell that I had attributed to the flu followed by severe sleep deprivation was in fact likely pregnancy! So I pee'd on another stick and it was positive (to my husband's surprise!) and off I went to the doctor. They did a 72hr blood test to confirm that everything is moving along normally and to assist in dating the pregnancy which they advised today was 6-7 weeks along... which means I have been pregnant all along since I first thought I was pregnant. I feel like an idiot thought because with DS I cut out caffeinated coffee and really ate well from the first moment I knew I was pregnant. Also drinking alcohol is almost never a concern for us but it is Christmas seasons and I did have 3 events we went to at which I had 2 drinks each which sucks because I would have had 0-1 sips maximum had I realized I was pregnant. Sigh. Oh well.
Oh and just before getting pregnant I decided to cut out meat and animal products from my diet which I have had to soften a little bit since I have not educated myself enough yet on getting a balanced meal without these things. (Recipes and helpful resources / hints are welcome in this regard).
While at my doctor's office last week I was given a prescription for diclectin (sp?) for morning sickness which has been amazing. I lost 10lbs in 1 month last pregnancy (even though I only vomited once the entire pregnancy - but I felt sick a LOT!). The nausea only relents around 7pm and is back by 2am without the pills. Also my car is 1.2km away from my office so if I start to feel sick I am stuck hiding out in the bathroom and can't easily rush home as I could last pregnancy when my car was in my building and my building was much closer to my home. The other thing that is really helping my nasea is lunchtime workouts twice a week at a gym close to my work - I am distracted during the workout and then so hungry afterwards that I actually can eat (or at least recognize the need to eat and force myself to eat). I feel like I already look pregnant but suspect it is just my jelly-accountant-belly from too much a$$ time at work. (I am starting this pregnancy 4lbs heavier than the last one at 5'7" and 171lbs) but hopefully another year of maternity leave (no top up from work sadly) and a lot of family walks with dog and 2 kids will work the baby weight off. (Last pregnancy the baby weight fell off within weeks - I hope I have the same good luck this time).
Oh well - it is looking like an August baby for us. Fingers crossed that everything the little nugget is healthy and that everything goes smoothly. My first appointment with the maternity doctor is Jan 10th.

As for DS we have had a couple weeks of sleep hell and finally we seem to be turning a corner. When he was sick for a week he was in with me a lot and then I had to work out of town (had to be up at 530 am) I was quick to put him in with me at night .... anyway this created a routine that was hard to break to get him back to sleeping on his own so I was never getting more than 2-3 hours at a time. It was awful. (DH works shifts work - 2 x 12 hr days follows by 2 x 12 nights so he is basically not around 5 nights a week). Anyway, DH is on baby/toddler night shift tonight and tomorrow night to give me a break so I can sleep but last night DS slept through the night which was incredible! I felt sooooo amazing today. Also DH may have discovered that DS will nap for 3 hours if we put him down 1 hr earlier during the day. So instead of being up from 7-12 and then 2-8 he is up 7-11 and then 2-8. (DS refuses to have a late afternoon nap). DH had DS all day today and has 2 more days of childcare this week and then I have Thurs/Fri vacation days to care for DS. The good news was that DH actually reported having a really good day with DS. DH loves DS but he finds spending an entire day with him to be quite a long day.

Having two kids will be quite different. Luckily I know about 4 other moms close by who are having their second as well. So there might not be the same opportunities for baby bootcamp and swim lessons as there was with DS (given DH's shift work) but I am sure we will enjoy every minute of it..... well that is if this baby is a better sleeper than DS (who has never made it above a mediocre rating in the sleep department in my books).

Hope everyone is well.
Remember - send me non-animal product recipes or tips if you have any!

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ARGH! I hate hate that stupid purple reply to thread button...I keep pushing it thinking it's the "publish" button and it loses my responses!!!

Anyway...CONGRATULATIONS. I just wrote you a long reply but now I don't have time to type it all out again. Later! But in the meantime: YAY!

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Congrats! Having two little ones is hard at first, I won't lie, but once the newest is old enough to play watching the sibling interaction is amazing. My girls are BEST friends Smile

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Congrats! I hope all goes well for you in the next 9 months! And I hope that Will starts giving you some more sleep too! We are in the same boat sleepwise... she only wants to sleep with us. *sigh*

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YAY! Congrats and here's wishing you a wonderful, uneventful 9 months ahead! I wouldn't worry too much about the few drinks you did have so far, you're aware of the pregnancy now and know that you shouldn't have anymore :). Please keep us updated, that's exciting! Hope Will starts giving you some more sleep, you need it!