Hi Ladies!!!!!

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Hi Ladies!!!!!

Long time no speak! It has been soooooooo long since I have even visited here!! I have thought about you all often, but started back to work about 8 months ago after 7 years off! It has been hectic to say the least but I am enjoying spending the day with adults!

Wyatt is the cutest little bugger you will ever meet! lol I will have to get a few pic up here of him for you all to see him. I am having alot of issues with him though.......he doesn't like to sleep!!

I promise to come around more often and be more active again before I bore you will all my details.

We are starting to think of trying for 1 more and am actually getting referred back to the fertility clinic to talk about the 3 frozen embryos we have. A little scared, but excited all at the same time!

Hope you all are well!!! Hope you are all having a great time with your June babies!!

I will be back often!!! I promise!

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Hey! Glad all is well, good luck at at the clinic!

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Hey! What an exciting day on the board...don't worry, it's been on the quiet side. You're not the only one who got super busy! (I did too but apparently am too much of an internet addict to let that stop me...) Wink

Glad to hear all is well and look forward to pics!!!

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TARA!!!! I was just thinking of you the other day! I'm so glad you've found your way back to us! Sounds like you're keeping rather busy all the way around. Can't wait to see pics!! Please do come back more often. :openarms:

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Lovely to see you Tara, it has been quiet here and I don't post often any more. Ivor is a patchy sleeper too so you're not alone. Keep us posted xxx

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Good to hear from you!! Good luck!!

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I was just thinking of you! It's nice that you stopped by. This board is really quiet but I guess that's to be expected given that we've been on it for over two years now.