Huggies slip on diapers

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Huggies slip on diapers

So a couple of weeks ago, after wrestling John for a diaper change, I said to my husband I'm going to invent pull up diapers for smaller babies and make millions. It's like diapering an octopus. Then last night I saw the commercial for Huggies slip on diapers.

Oh well, there goes my millions...

We normally cloth diaper, but when my husband is out of town for Will's medical treatments, we switch to paper diapers. I bought a pack today and it was so nice. John was flipping over back and forth and all I had to do was stand him up and slip on the diaper. I'm hooked.

I bought size 3. Technically he fit in the weight of 3s, but normally we buy size 4 diapers. But I figured they need to fit tight enough so I went with the 3s. Also, they were out of 4s and I was excited to try them. They were on sale at Walgreens.

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I was wondering if they would make diapering easier. I may have to try them out.

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I saw those the other day at the store.....genius!! Have tried them yet though.

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I was looking at those.... I think I'm going to get some! Ainsley is just awful about diaper changes. (Admitting a horrible mom secret here)- lately I've been giving her a marshmallow when I change her poopy diaper (usually once a day) because it's the only thing that keeps her from running away or sticking her hands in her diaper.

I'm just glad they have them here in Canada. Usually it takes months for the new stuff to make its way up here.

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I have resorted to using pull ups for megan and called them her princess pants as they have disney princesses on them. She smiles every time she sees them and much prefers getting into them rather than having the changing octopus routine we normally have. I have also got the huggies little walkers which are the step in ones and they are the same nappy just a different design and more in a pack. However I find the plastic velcro bit on the sides rubs her legs and makes her sore and I know if that were me it would annoy the heck out of me. She seems to prefer the princess ones anyway so only use them when really having a hard time changing her.