Jacob's 18 month appt

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Jacob's 18 month appt

We had Jacob's consultant appoinment today with regards to his kidneys and UTIs. They checked him all over and he is doing really well. He is on the 30th centile for weight at almost 23lbs and 75th for height at 33inches.
The annoying news is that he has to have another radioactive dye scan. So they have to squirt the dye in his bits and then scan him whilst he is tied down like a mummy for an hour. Ugh! Really not looking forward to that They also want us to get him potty trained asap as it helps avoid UTIs. He is doing pretty well with it the last couple of months, he pees in the potty no problem whenever I put him on it however he doesn't ask to go himself. So if I leave him to his own devices he will forget to go and just pee on the floor. But IMO he is still very young and it's a lot to expect from an 18 month old! even the fact that he pees in the potty on demand 5-6 times a day is good in my book and I don't want to expect too much.
Words wise he is right on track he says quite a few words in both greek and english however no sentences yet apart from bye by daddy lol! Oh and he is obsessed with daddy!!!! Omg, my other 2 were mamas kids but this one is all about daddy! Which is nice as I get time to myself when Dh is here
Anyways that's about it!!! Just waiting on the letter for his scan date. Praying that he shows all clear and we can stop the daily meds!

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Sorry to hear he has to go through such an ordeal to have his test done! Yikes. Praying it all goes well and he can come off his meds!

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Awww poor little guy! Here's hoping all ends well and he can stop the meds soon! I do agree that expecting an 18 month old to be potty trained is a bit much. Some kids pick up on it quickly, other's like my oldest Daughter didn't fully get it till well after turning 3 years old!

KUP on how things go!