More Teeth!

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More Teeth!

I was looking in Zac's mouth yesterday to see how his molars were progressing. All four of his one year molars are fully in now. Then I noticed that the tips of all four canines are through. He has 16 teeth at just over a year! I was shocked.

His brother, who won't be 2 for a few more months, already has his 2 year molars. Those give him a grand total of 20 teeth.

I am so glad to have them done cutting teeth for a while. Zac didn't have too many problems with them, but Alex was feeling it and was drooling like crazy.

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way to go boys...

I am still waiting on two more teeth to come in but Cora has all her molars... and I am happy those are done with...

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Wow, Ivor only has four teeth, and a fifth just broke through last week.

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wow that's loads!!! Jacob has 7. 2 bottom middle, 2 top middle, a canine and a top molar.