Oh my, Alice... (long)

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Oh my, Alice... (long)

Ya know, I was warned before I had a second that she would be more stressful---I laughed, yeah, not laughing now.

With Miss A, if it's not one thing it's been another. First her cord, then her head, then her growth, and now her blood.

It all started with her one-year check-up, and for those on my FB that is more or less the same, when I said no to a "routine" blood-check. At 9 months they checked her Crit # and told me they were normal. After her appt they called back to tell me I was mis-informed, her number was low. So, I hauled her back up and agreed. The day my husband and eldest were diagnosed with Tick Bite Fever, I got the call that her Crit was low again. So, after the ER I took her to the lab and they ran a full panel.

They called back to let us know her numbers were a bit alarming. Her Crit # was low, her Hemoglobin was low, her Red Blood Cell was borderline low, and her Recrit number was 0.0. Meaning, at the time of the test her bone marrow wasn't making red blood cells. So, they referred us out to MU Children's in Columbia, roughly 2 hours away.

We were seen there on the 21st and I'm in love with their hospital. The staff were amazing, I actually read a Resident I didn't want to throw out the damn door, they had a playroom...you name it, it was awesome! So, we met with the doctor who went over all the possibilities, and randomly enough, she knows my old Hematologist Oncologist. We both agree that just by looking at her, she's doing great, so we're hoping a multi-vitamin will help her outgrow it.

She's looking at bi-weekly draws until 15 months with another full-work up then. They're a bit concerned with Hyplexia Anemia forming in the future, but at this point, we can breathe a bit easier.

I did learn Miss Alice is now up to 27 lbs and 34 inches so I'm glad she's in a bigger carseat.

Now, of course, I was SO excited to just not have to stress anymore. June has NOT been nice to us. I took my eldest into the Dr. yesterday for an ears re-check and left with both my kids being diagnosed with Fifths Disease...FML!

Needless to say, July better be a nicer much!!!!

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Oh my goodness, July hurry up already! ((hugs))

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Oh dear... sounds like your having a really tough time... :bighug: BIG HUGS to you. Hope next month will bring you some good news!

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Wow! Glad at least you liked the hospital--how rare and fortunate! I hope things start going much better for you soon....

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I know it's a stressful time for you but you seem to be doing amazing with all that's coming to you. I'm glad the dr is optimistic about the multivitamin.

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So sorry you've had all these worries. I hope things go a bit smoother for you for the rest of the year, never mind just July. It sounds like you've had a year's worth of stress right there. x

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Wow, Kelly. You guys really have had a rough couple of months. I'm hoping July is much kinder to you!

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Yikes! You've been through a lot this month. I sure hope July is much better! On the plus side, I'm glad you liked the hospital!