Papaya bummer

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Papaya bummer

We gave Addy papaya and she loved it--I mean L-O-V-E-D it--so much so that I was about to come on here and recommend it as pretty much the perfect finger food for babies (the texture is perfect--solid enough to cut into clean chunks, but super smushy)...until she ended up with the most wicked diaper rash ever. I looked it up, and papaya is one of the "foods to try avoiding if your baby has diaper rash." Bummer! Papaya is soooooo healthy, and she would eat a metric ton if we'd let her.

...But maybe it will work for someone else! So.

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Boo! So far Ainsley hasn't had diaper rash at all (knock on wood) so maybe I'll give it a try! I'm always looking for new things to give her. She's kind of addicted to berries, so it'll be nice to try something else.

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Haven't had that problem with any food yet, but we haven't tried papaya.
DS had diaper rash alot, especially when he ate a large portion of more acidic fruit. He isn't allergic to anything, but I would only allow him to eat some much a day.

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Same thing happened with kiwi and Gabbi; she was enamored with it, ate it ALL the time, and then she started getting the most horrific bum burn from it. Sad

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Aww that stinks, maybe you can try it again some months down the road. We haven't had this issue yet w/ foods but we haven't tried papaya