POTW: Birthday Plans

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POTW: Birthday Plans

This weeks theme is "Birthday Plans"

I guess this could be more of a discussion thread, but lets see pics of what you have planned for your LO's upcoming Birthdays!! Cake ideas, invitations, themes and such. Or if your LO has already had there Birthday, lets see some Birthday Pics Biggrin

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I'm making a space theme cake, the planet Jupiter with some info about the planet which is all big numbers and then his name with his age, which will be a very tiny number in comparison. We did our invites on facebook. We decided to have a small informal gathering as we never had a religious celebration (we're not religious) or a naming ceremony when he was born. We felt it was time to celebrate how wonderful he is! It's on 4th June, his actual birthday, as it falls on a Saturday. I'll take a picture of the cake assuming it comes out okay. I'm really not a baking mummy, to be honest, so I'm a little worried!

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We will be having a small cake and gift giving on her birthday with just us and FIL...
But on June 4th we will be having a party... it will just be a girl theme number one... grilling... out side fun...

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Well we just bought plane tickets and are definitely going to be visiting East Coast family during Addy's birthday, so we'll be having a family beach barbeque. I will bake her a cake. I know our family here will want to celebrate too, so she might end up with two family parties, lucky girl. Smile

I don't think we'll bother with inviting other baby "friends" until next year. She did just go to a two year old's inflatable pool birthday party this weekend, and it was quite adorable.

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We're having a pretty big party since we're pastors, we have to invite either everyone from our church or no one. So, we're having a candyland theme party/BBQ outside in the backyard. I'm pretty excited because I love planning things and making things, so I'm making the invitations and decorations myself. I still haven't decided what to do for the cake. I was thinking maybe just cupcakes.

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We didn't really have a theme. Basically I found plates and cups and napkins with an old-timey black and white pattern and it matched an apron that I wore. And then she wore a flowered dress. And then we put a pink hat on her. So pretty much it was a mishmash. I figure I won't be able to get away without a theme for any birthdays after this one.