Strange things these little people do....

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Strange things these little people do....

Will has developed some cute/strange habits. If he cries (like at night when he is not sleeping!) and I go in to re-settle him he says "cigh" (cry - as if to inform me in case I had not noticed). Then he takes my hand and rubs his tears off with it!
He also loves when we pretent to sleep on the stairs with a "banket". But you have to be close by because if he tries to wiggle off his position of laying on his back on a stair he sometimes falls down the stairs so you have to be there to catch him.
He also loves having us sit with him (directly beside him and on our bums) under a banket reading his book with him (him looking at the pictures and us just sitting there).

Some less than cute things he does include fighting his booster seat and highchair (but he is too short for just a chair at the table). And, as always, the sleeping.... we have moments of promise but then things always quickly regress. But fingers crossed - maybe it is 3 steps forward and 2.9 steps backwards and maybe we are actually getting somewhere but we aren't realizing it. Smile

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So adorable. I am totally loving this quirky, funny age too! Related to the "cigh" thing Will does (cute!!!) whenever Addy sees the monitor, she points at it and starts fake whine/crying. At first I didn't understand why the monitor was making her cry--was she scared of it for some reason?--but then I figured out I must have told her "that's where mommy can hear you crying." Ha!

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It's a laugh a minute here too. Ivor calls everyone 'darling' at the moment. I take him to the local shop and he'll say "hiya darling" to the woman at the counter. He gets a lot of female attention this way!