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John is finally going beyond 6 teeth. After a couple of days of chewing on his hand, I see molar's peeking out. He's still missing his "eye" teeth so he'll look funny for a while.

He has 4 on top, 2 on bottom, and one molar coming in that I can tell, but I think more are there.

How many teeth is your LO at now?

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Oh gosh, I'm not totally sure...Adair's had four top, four bottom, and some molars (four?) for months now, but stalled there. She's still missing the eyes and canines too, so yeah, it looks funny, but at least she can chew anything! I think she's working on them now, though, since she has been REALLY mouthy lately, after a hiatus.

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Alex has 4 on top and 4 on the bottom and I think the right molars are just popping through and the left are currently being worked on!

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wow... this is all so surprising to me...
Cora has all of her teeth and has since at least 12 months.... we think she is starting in on her 2 years... but those started at this time with DD1 and she got them close to 2...

I am so happy they are all getting there teeth though...

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Hailey for the longest of time was stuck at 4 teeth, then 6. Then in a blink of an eye "like, 2 weeks ago" every other tooth she had that hadn't come in yet, started poking through. I have no idea how many she has, she likes to try and bite, and actually bit Heather one night when they went to bed :lol:, but I do know it's now a mouth full lol.

I thought she was the only one with so little teeth. GLad to know she wasn't lol.

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Zac has 16 teeth. He got the canines and molars at the same time just before he turned one. He was not nearly as fussy as I would have expected. One day I looked in his mouth and saw them all poking through. Alex, on the other hand, was in a lot of pain with each new tooth and let us all know about it. I was so glad when he got done cutting his 2 year molars.