Toothbrushing Tips?

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Toothbrushing Tips?

We (I) have been brushing Will's teeth since around 7 weeks. I likely brush 4-8 times a week and need to do better (twice a day is our goal!). BUT, he LOVES sucking on the tooth brush with a skiff of children's tooth paste on it and now likes sucking on it even more with repeated dips under running water.
Got any ideas on how I can actually accomplish the brushing part of the tooth brushing? (He has 10+ teeth including 2 molars). I am not aiming for full up and down and circles - just hoping that over the course of a day I manage to tag each tooth a little bit.
I was thinking of trying my electric tooth brush since then even if he sucks on it it will be moving in his mouth.... not sure yet though.

All suggestions are appreciated.

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We always brush OUR teeth at the same time as her so that she sees what we are doing and will let us copy it in her mouth. So far it's worked pretty good. And we also sing the brush your teeth song, which I think was from sesame street. (it's by raffii...look it up on you tube if you don't know what it is)

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Agreed--I have much better luck if I show her on myself right before. We also make a game of "Say AAAAAAAAAH!" and then when her mouth is open I can usually get a quick scrub in. I think you're doing great, though. Honestly, brushing a one year old's teeth is a challenge!