WAHM Questions...

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WAHM Questions...

I cannot concentrate with the kids. Especially with Evangeline! If I don't have dh here to watch her (even if she is in her jumper right by me contained) I cannot put my brain into a task I need to accomplish. I'm trying to write galleries and arrange things for art shows, but nothing is getting done! Granted I'm a photographer and this isn't as stressful as working for someone, or being horribly busy, but when I need to do something I need to do something, lol!

Tips? Anyone else???

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Oh lord. I worked at home until Addy was six months. It was fine, mostly, until about five months and change. Then it was A NIGHTMARE. Now I am in the office for my half time main job, but I still do some proofreading and writing work at home. I tell you, I can only work during naps or when DH is home. Just the way it is at this age...these guys require WAY too much attention. I do also have a sewing business (what me, busy??) with my SIL and I usually try to get Addy to nap while we're sewing, but if she won't I can get *some* work done with her playing with toys on a blanket next to me. She doesn't move, though, so that helps. I also only get about one third or less of what I normally can do done when she's around, even when she's being "good".

Tips...work at night! Lol Sorry!

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I'm having the same problem. So behind on church accounting work. I try to get it done when she's having a nap or at night. It is so frustrating.

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I can only do my work (ebay---auctions, pictures, descriptions) when my kids are asleep or napping. Never, ever while they're awake.

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Terrible trouble here too, Ana. I'm working, but very slowly. It's mostly in the evenings after 8pm when he is usually asleep, and a few hours in the day if I've not got laundry to do while he naps. Sorry I have no better suggestions. I'm finding it really rough too though, just hoping it will get easier once he is able to play more independently.

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"KaellyNicole" wrote:

I can only do my work (ebay---auctions, pictures, descriptions) when my kids are asleep or napping. Never, ever while they're awake.

I have started getting into listing auctions again and it is soooo hard. I can also only list when Morgan is down for a nap. I am way too tired to get anything done at night after they go to bed :confused: