We hit a new milestone! Sort of.

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We hit a new milestone! Sort of.

If you count climbing up and falling out of your crib as a milestone. sigh.

She's such a climber, but I didn't know she could scale her crib. It's on the lowest setting and she has nothing in it but a small blanket, so no boosters.

She heard her brother and our neighbor's kids playing outside and was trying to get to the window. She actually hit her eye and has a gash on her lower eyelid just below her eye. I'm sure it'll be a nice shiner tomorrow.

I guess we're moving to a toddler bed! Anyone else having to make the switch soon?

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I switched my eldest at 18 months because of climbing and it set off her sleeping issues, at 3, she has officially been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder. Whether the two have anything to do with the other, I have no clue, but I've bought the mesh to go over Alice's crib if she tries it. I refuse to switch that early again. Alice is a serious climber, but so far, stays in her crib...our crib is super low to the ground though, and it's a short crib...I'm 5'9"-5'10" and I can bend at my waist, so if she got out, it would be a matter of inches.

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omg...no, thank goodness! I've been blessed with a physically cautious baby (like I was...)

Poor Ainsley...hope she heals quickly!

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Cora has done it once... and thankfully fell onto our bed... she tries a lot but has only gotten out once...

I am not sure if we will move her or just take out the extra padding in her bed first... (I am to short to reach the bottom of the crib to lay her down so we got a cheap pad from Ikea, where the crib is from... )

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Oh geeze! A isn't doing that thank goodness. But DS climbed out before 2 and because he wouldn't follow directions at that age, we took the metal part out of the bottom of the crib(the part that holds the mattress up) and just put the mattress on the floor. He stayed in until after he turned 2 that way.

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Ohhhh groan. I think we may be approaching this. M is a crazy climber and I've seen her trying to climb out. She's a tall one so it's just a matter of time. I think one more growth spurt and she might be able to do it. Soooooooooo not ready.

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I think Finn and Addy may be very similar. We have a drop-leaf crib (not the drop-side) and I put it down to put him in. Well I went in this morning and I completely forgot to close it, which open he could easily get out, but he didn't. And I even heard him crying at one point when his brother ran yelling into our room, but I didn't go in because he stopped after about 30 secs. So he had to have known it was open.

We put Ian into a toddler bed around 18 months and he did fine. We keep doors shut at night, so he couldn't really open the door himself at that point.