Yeah, never doing the babysitter thing again...(rant)

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Yeah, never doing the babysitter thing again...(rant)

This past weekend the hubs and I went on a marriage re-treat with the girls. Basically, the Army put us up in a resort for the weekend, fed us all three meals a day, and paid for a really nice suite. The stipulation was we had 3.5 hours of classes to do on Saturday biggie, well, that involved childcare.

John convinced me to go with it based on the fact that Alice would be with her sister, we'd be right there, if she cried I could go get her & bring her to us, and we had several friends with toddlers who were also with Alice in the same room.

So, we drop them off, step away, and neither of my kids realize we're gone. No crying, no goodbye, no nothing...

A friend goes up about 15 minutes later to check on her child (they have windows open to this place) and where on Earth is Alice? At the top of the steps, waving to her as she walks up, the door wide open, and NO ONE realized she was gone.

Had she attempted these steps she would have rolled down approx 15 stairs onto tile.

I have never seen red quite like I saw red on Saturday---the Chaplain filed a formal complaint with the Resort and a special sitter was assigned just for Alice, who was much, much older, and John had to physically hold me back from getting her. After that, Alice wasn't put down the entire time she was away from me, but now even John says he won't consider a babysitter for a LONG, LONG time.

Another thing that equally disturbed me, was on our first break I looked for the girls through the window. Sammie Lynn was off in a corner playing with her friends, Alice was being held & hand-fed cheerios with her own cuppy (literally, she was never put down again), but 5 or 6 other kids, about Alice's age, were all in the middle of the room crying and being ignored. Um...yeah, no. Same deal when we checked on them the second time.

The second classes got out (earlier than expected) we picked them up, and the reaction of the people when they saw me step for Alice was hysterical. No one could look me in the eyes and I wasn't even given an apology.

Needless to say, this solidified why I don't trust people with my children. I asked Sammie Lynn if the people were nice to her and she said yes. I asked if they were nice to Alice and she said yes. I asked if they were nice to all the other kids and she whispered, "no" in my ear. Yeah...that spoke all I needed to know.

Sorry, I had to vent to someone, and there is too much local BS drama going on that I came home to, to use my facebook.

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Ugh. That sounds awful. I don't blame you one bit. We were (funny enough) participating in a marriage seminar thing at our church and had Aidan in the childcare when he was about 10 months old.
When it was over, we went to get him, he was stuffed into a swing that he was too big for (it wasn't even on, he was just sitting there with his feet dangling just above the floor), his eyes were red and puffy from crying (he was still crying when we got there), he was in old soiled diaper, and no one had given him his bottle like we had written on his note and told the baby sitter when we dropped him off.
I was like "never again."

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That's why I don't leave Emma with someone I don't know and don't how they are with kids etc. I am glad my mom watches her for me.. I haven't actually left her with anybody else, yet. I am sure the day will come but for now I am content just where I am at. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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That is HORRIFYING. I definitely would be super hesitant to use that kind of childcare and would feel the same way as you do after an experience like that! I feel really fortunate that I found a place I do feel good about--truly trustworthy childcare situations are so few and far between, and hard to find!

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Craziness!!! I can't believe that! Well, I can, and that is why not even my five year old has seen a babysitter outside of my own mother, or dhs mother. So glad Alice is okay and someone was there to catch that!