1 month!

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1 month!

Grace had her Dr. appointment yesterday- all went really well! She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz (I think)- she was 6 lbs 8 oz at birth and is 20 1/2 inches long (19 inches at birth) so she's growing pretty good:) I expressed my concerns about her grunting/choking/gasping and the Dr. said it could be some acid reflux issues. He gave her a prescription for Zantac and he wants us to call in a week to check how it's going. He also did physicals on both my boys (they were sceduled to go in next week) since we were already there and didn't want to make us drive 40 minutes there again next week. I absolutely LOVE him...he's not a ped. but a DO so, I can see him too-if need be. I've never met a Dr. I felt so comfortable around and trusting in their care...so I am super stoked. All in all great appointment for all the kids! Hopefully the meds. help my baby girl!

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Sounds like a great doc and a really good appointment. We have used zantac for Grace and now for Ian - it seems to be helping here, I hope it helps for you guys too!

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Congrats on a good appt! She's still so tiny, even at one month! Maybe it's just tiny to me as it felt like my kids were moose when they were born lol!

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I am glad Grace is doing so well! I think we need more pics Wink