3 CM as of Friday!

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3 CM as of Friday!

How exciting to see all of these LO's being born!!!! I can't wait. Had an appt Friday and was 3cm and still around 50% effacement. With this being my 2nd child I am pretty sure I will not make it until May 31st. Anyone know how quickly dilation moves after 3cm? Wondering if I should get busy BDing with DH???? Figure if I don't go on my own soon I will be induced next week anyways. Fluid levels and placenta weren't the greatest just like with DS #1 whom I was induced with at 38 weeks. Any thoughts?

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Im not sure about the dialation as ive never gotten past a 1 but it sounds like you could go before your induction. And if not, at least youve only got a week to go! Smile Im starting to think we wont have many babies left for June the way everyones popping! lol

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It all depends on the woman for dilation. A good friend of mine hung out at a SIX for weeks!!!

Being dilated is great if you need to be induced though! Good luck!

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It's really hard to say- everyone dilates at different rates (speeds, whatever)...unfortunately, there's no way to know how long it will be:( I so wish there was a way to tell, though. In my own experience with d/s 1 I was 2 cm 80% effaced and had a membrane sweep done. That night I went into L&D b/c I was having contrax. and was dilated to a 3 and still 80%. After a couple hours there was no more change cervix-wise, so I was sent home. About 2 days later, my water broke and ended up having him the next day. With d/s 2 I was induced and sitting at 2 cm 50% for 3 weeks, so it's so hard to say.
Either way you look at it- you don't have too much longer to go! Hang in there and try to relax- I think being at "ease" makes it easier for labor to start. Maybe take a warm bath and jump on your d/h, lol.

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Either way that is still exciting! I have never dilated past 1cm lol even with my DS who was finally delivered 42 weeks via c-section. I agree though at this rate I may be the only one who has a "June" baby and mine is scheduled for the 1st LOL

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Wow! 3cm. I have no idea how quickly that will progress but sounds like a good start!