36 week apt, some good news (:

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36 week apt, some good news (:

So overall my 36 week apt went very well! Did the norm, peed in a cup, waited half naked in the exam room for about 15 minutes lol. Baby/Tummy measuring right on. She checked my cervix.
Good news...
I am getting another ultrasound this Tuesday... Yay!!!
AND I'm dialated 1cm! Yay! Lol I know thats not much but its nice to know I'm progressing Smile

But when she checked my cervix, it hurt like REALLY bad. Way worse than last week. Is that normal? I think she maybe did some cervix stretching or something without really telling me lol. She said dont be surprised if tonight I have spotting or have a few contractions(which I havent had any of either yet!) Could she have done some kind of sweeping/stretching and not really told me?

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They haven't checked my cervix yet and I'm going in for my 38 wk app't tomorrow. As much as I want to know how much (if at all) I've progressed, I'm not looking forward to it....I keep hearing it's incredibly uncomfortable Sad

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Yay for 1cm! I never had the sweeping, because I never made it that far with either of my pregnancies. My cervix has always been closed and tight. I am glad you are having an ultrasound! KUP Smile

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First off congrats on a good appt! I don't think they do sweeping/stretching at 36 weeks, and even if they did I'm quite sure they would tell you about it. I'm assuming this is your first baby, so all of these things are new to your body that even the OB is doing and I think they were just warning you that you might have spotting and/or contractions because of what they were doing (mine would tell me the same thing, although it never happened either). Good luck!

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It always hurt when I got my cervix checked, and I did have spotting or bleeding, but as far as I know she never swept or separated my membranes...

It is nice to know there is some kind of progress down there, isn't it!? So exciting! And getting another u/s is always exciting too Smile