37 week 5 day appt,

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37 week 5 day appt,

So it's been about the same lately, Kallie is doing awesome at the bpp's, she's measuring about 87th percentile, weight is guessed at 7lbs 8oz as of tuesday, I'm dilated to a 2 she could stretch me to a 3. But this is not enough for me lol my back started really hurting a few days ago so what little sleep I was getting is now worse lol, I am so ready to try anything to get this baby out! When I got back from my appt I turned on the tv and was watching a baby story and this lady mixed castor oil, vanilla ice cream, and oj and by that evening was in labor, this was all of course okayed by her midwife but I am so at this point, lol. Anyways I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Eww I don;t know if I could ingest that even to go into labor! LOL!

Glad you had a good appt! YAY for dilation! Biggrin

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Glad you had a good appointment...ha- I was watching that baby story too!!! lol. Castor Oil seems to work for a lot of people- I've seen numerous episodes of Baby Story where the mom took castor oil and it worked. I, myself, am not sure how desperate I would have to be to try that! I mean I REALLLY want to meet my LO, but, ugh- I don't know. I get nauseated easily, so I can't even imagine what I would be putting myself through....and then if it didn't work. lol, I would be soo mad. Good luck- if you do try it!!! and KUP:)

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EWWWWWWWWWWWW I am desparate but I don't think I could do the castor oil. I guess when you really get to that point you will try just about anything. I am glad that your appt. went well.