38 week appointment

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38 week appointment

Well, my appointment went well. I'm still about 1-2 cm. (stretchy) and 50 % effaced. He also said I have a bulging bag of waters that can go anytime...he did a membrane sweep to hopefully get things moving! Holy LORD did that hurt. I've had it done with each of my boys and I don't ever remember it hurting that much...he must be a little more agressive then my last Dr.- but that's ok. Whatever we gotta do to get things moving. Soooo...now I wait some more,lol. Having some crampiness/contrax. with some more spotting- which is all normal- especially after a sweep, but hopefully they do something. So that's about all I have to report. Smile

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Yay for the good appt, I wish I didn't have to wait till friday for my appt. lol Hopefully things start moving along for you.

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YAY for dilation and effacement! Biggrin I had mine today too, still dilated 3, and 80% effaced.

I hope we don't have to wait too much longer!! Biggrin

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Yay that is so exciting! I have mine tomorrow but my maternal fetal specialist doesn't usually check my cervix Sad I wish he would at least look and see if anything is going on because man am I in pain some days. Anyway enough about me....I hope that the sweep gets things moving for you and soon, I think we are all done being pregnant lol

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I hope the sweep gets some more action going for you. That would be exciting! Sounds like Lawanda is right there with you! I go in tomorrow, so we will see how I am doing. The contractions have definitely eased up the last few days so I am not expecting much change.

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I hope the "sweep" turns into something promising!! It sounds like you are ready Smile

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Hoping the sweep gets things going for you!!!