Adrian's birth story... finally

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Adrian's birth story... finally

Mike and I were scheduled to come into the hospital on June 28th, 2011 at 7:30pm to start my induction and begin our journey as parents. We arrived at the hospital and signed in, we got a nice room and waited for the nurse. At maybe around 9:40pm she put the cervidil suppository in me and from there it went. By 1am my contractions got way too close and they had to remove the cervidil, I was almost 3cm by then. At 3am I was having pretty bad back contractions, but I still trie to get some sleep because Mike was taking a nap already. Contractions finally slowed down at around 4am and they let me have a nice breakfast at about 5:30am. At around 7:30 I was finally started on pitocin. I actually started to think I was getting an infection because I started having that burning sensation to pee, but I think it was just irritation from the catheter. At 9am my Dr came in to break my water… let me tell you, that was the absolute WORST PART of my entire labor. It hurt so incredibly bad omg. Maybe it was because I was still only about 3cm but whatever the reason, it was just terrible. Mike said he almost cried because I was in so much pain he felt so bad for me. At around 11am I couldn’t take it anymore and asked for my epidural. I was 4cm by then. The anesthesiologist put the epidural in, thank god I got to lay on my side and I didn’t have to sit up. Well it didn’t work and not much was happening so he had to re-do it! Ugh. Second time didn’t work well either. Well this was the scariest part… my whole right side went numb, all the way up my arm and face! I was freaking out and they had to put me on oxygen. The nurse and anesthesiologist kept reassuring me everything was going to be alright and I needed to relax because I started to panic. Hello! My right side of my face felt like it was melting off! I had every right to panic. So they slowed the drip and thankfully it got better and he didn’t have to re-do it a 3rd time. Apparently he put it in the next highest vertebrae and that’s why it was weird at first. But every time I got more epidural, it would be more numb on one side than the other. At 12:30pm I finally was feeling better but was still on oxygen to relax. Around that time I actually started lactating lol. Which I never had before so it was weird. Finally at 1pm I was 5cm and 90% effaced and baby was getting lower, good news! By 3:20 I was 6-7cm. I texted my mom to come to the hospital because I started progressing a little quicker. At 4pm I was 8cm. at 6pm I was only a “lip” away from being 10cm, but baby still had to come down more. Finally got checked again at 7:20pm and I was fully dilated but the found out baby was the wrong way, “sunny side up.” Great… the nurse had me lay on my left side, practically ON my stomach to try to turn him. Then she had me start pushing laying sideways in a really weird position to try to turn him and get him lower. Finally he was right there. Mike was such a wonderful support person and helped me push with the nurse. He couldn’t believe he could see the head and he was soooo happy. I had my mom come in and the Dr showed up just in time, a few more HUGE pushes and he was out! He STILL ended up coming sunny side up! Stubborn much? I pretty much had a natural birth because by the time I was doing my last pushes, my epidural was barely even there anymore and I didn’t want to click the button for more because I didn’t want it to impair my pushing, so I dealt and woah, that was interesting… He came out looking pale so they kept a close eye on him for bout 45 minutes but he never left the room. It was pretty much 24 hours of labor but worth it. Mike was so happy to finally hold him and he was a natural at being a daddy (:
Adrian was born June 29th 2011 at 9:05 pm weighing 7 lbs 2 oz 21 in long.

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GREAT birth story! SOooo scary abt the epidural. I had two bad ones and that was a big reason I wanted a home birth to tell the truth!

I am glad you did so awesome other that that awful epi and the pain of course Blum 3

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Such a nice birth story. I kind of had the same thing with the spinal that they gave me. That was the worst part of my c-section. I had the worst pain on my left side, and it was like they weren't listening to me when I was screaming and told them that it hurt. They actually were talking about getting a longer needle :eek: I am glad everything worked out for you Smile

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I guess the epidurals don't always work do they? It hardly worked at all for me--I didn't even get numb! So mine was pretty much natural the last two hours where I felt every. single. thing.

For me the worst part of labor was the "ring of fire." Oy. They weren't exaggerating when they named it that Blum 3

Glad everything went well for the most part--he's super cute Smile It makes the pain all worth it in the end doesn't it?