Almost 3 weeks!

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Almost 3 weeks!

I cant believe Jace is almost 3 weeks old! I thought id do an update since I havent been able to get on as often. Jace spent a week in the nicu due to the pneumothoraxs. Hes been the most calm baby ever! He hardly ever cries and is just so darn sweet! We are enjoying our lil guy soo much! Weve been problem free other than he refuses to latch on the boob since they gave him bottles in the nicu and ive been pumping like a mad woman! Thank goodness for an awesome milk supply because he eats soo much. Ive contemplated switching him to formula since he never seems full but im gonna wait until hes 6 weeks just to be sure its not just growth spurts. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their lil ones! Congrats to all of you that have had babes in the last couple weeks! I hope to get a new laptop and be able to be more active soon.

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I am so glad everything is going well. Jace sounds likes an angel Smile

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Aww! Im glad his NICU stay was short and that he's a total sweetheart! Smile