any reason for concern?? (sorry so long)

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any reason for concern?? (sorry so long)

ok, so I know lots of you girls are having crampy contractions right? But i'm just starting to get a bit nervous about what's going on here (given my history of pre-term births) so thought i'd share and see what you ladies think...

Saturday - crampy contractions constantly from 7am till about 7pm. I spent pretty much the whole day lying on the lounge after being reprimanded by DH and my mum for "doing too much" last week. Checked my BP as I had a bit of a headache and it was slightly up (120/80 when i'm normally 110/70 - not sure whether the BP increase would cause the contractions or whether my BP was up a bit because I was anxious about the contractions!) I had been feeling fine till that morning and hadn't felt in myself that I had overdone things....

Sunday - spent most of the day relaxing at home (as much as one can with 2 little kiddo's) and felt totally "normal" (no cramping).

Monday (today) - woke around 5am and started to feel a bit crampy, but not as bad as Saturday got to. I'm now at work (it's almost 11am) and my contractions have pretty much progressed to the level of Saturday's crampiness.

A bit of history
- I have had BH's from about 20 weeks with all 3 of my pregnancies, but never cramping with it, only ever just tightening/hardening of my belly.
- With DD1, I went into spontaneous labour at 36 weeks. My BP went up (140/88) on the Monday and lost my MP. Was having contractions with some cramping but not too bad. Spent night in labour ward and they talked like I was having baby that night (got steroid shots for her lungs) Got put on BP meds which brought it down. Contractions didn't get any stronger/more consistent till 3 days later when I went into full labour and she was born early but a healthy 6lbs 11oz.
- With DD2, I don't recall when the crampy contractions started, but I do recall being a bit similar to what i'm feeling now the weekend before she was born (OB induced me on the Monday at 38.5 weeks due to "small for dates"). My body was clearly getting ready for labour prior to that weekend and OB thought I might even go naturally over that weekend (but I didn't, probably because I actually wanted to as I didn't want to have to be induced!)
- My body seems to start "prepping" quite early for labour/birth and with both girls I was 2-2.5cm dilated at my last regular appts prior to them being born (even though they were born at 36 and 38 weeks).

Sooooo.....i'm wondering if this is a "3rd baby, everything happens earlier" thing? Could it be that my body is just starting it's "prep" at 35 weeks this time and i'm starting to dilate already? I know some women walk around dilated for weeks and even go overdue like that, but I guess that's never happened to me so I doubt it will happen this time. I'm fairly certain i'm not going to make it to my due date but I really don't want to go this early.....another 2 weeks at least would be great! Plus, DH is in India for work this week, not back till late Saturday night (28th), so another reason why I don't need anything critical happening this week! Oh and I don't finish up at work till 31st (i'm lucky I can take 12 months maternity leave) which was planned that I'd be 36 weeks then so not like I should be going into labour while at work!

A gf at work this morning told me I was crazy for being here and said I should ring my OB and stay at home to "rest" if need be. I don't know..... I just don't want to be alarmist (and the annoying preggo woman from work's point of view) when I know my body likes to start getting ready early and this all could just be part of that and baby is not actually coming anytime in the next couple of weeks. I have my next OB appt tomorrow (Tues) afternoon so will definitely talk to him then about this.

What do you girls think - anything of concern, or normal labour prep? (particularly for those who are having #3 or more!)

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I am only on 2 so I don't know how it changes, but I have been having many of those same symptoms for weeks so you could still go awhile. I wouldn't worry about it and see what the doctor says tomorrow. I hope you make it another few weeks!

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Going by your history, if it were me, I would call my OB in the am!!!!

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Call your ob. Better safe then sorry!