Anyone on Etsy?

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Anyone on Etsy?

I am thinking about opening up an Etsy shop and was wondering if anyone had one theirselves and had any tips? Lurkers welcome! Smile

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Not on there but if I was creative enough I would love to open one. My sis has one--she makes earrings from the shells of .22 bullets Blum 3 Odd but she gets requests for them a lot!

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I've thought about it a lot, on and off, but never got any further than that - lol - I'll definitely be watching this thread!

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Hope you get some info and good luck! I hope a lurker pops on to help because I know there is a LOT that goes into it. You have to spend a bit of money to make money on there, posting new items a lot to get them on the first few pages of a search, and join their circles, etc. I actually work with a friend in town, she makes hats/headbands, I take pictures (therefore getting to use free hats/headbands) and she gets to use the pictures for etsy. Good pictures do help on there too! I love having her in town!

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im on there i have baby shower gift
cakes and gift baskets

I have more success selling my stuff locally