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Awesome news

So, my best friend came to hang out yesterday. I haven't seen her/talked in forever it seems...she's been super busy going to school and working and I've been busy with my family, rennovations etc. Anyway, she and her husband had been trying to concieve for 7 cycles now (with no luck) and yesterday she said she was 10 DPO, so I convinced her to take a test (yes, at my house, lol) b/c I had an extra FRER left. was POSITIVE!!! Not a super dark line, but definitely pink and you could definitely see it. I'm such a POAS-aholic- I saw it before she did (I loove examining pee sticks- hehehe) I'm am SO thrilled for her! I think she was in shock the entire time, but soooo happy. It looks like she'll be due Christmas Eve!
Just wanted to share. I'm just so happy for them- as this is their first. Growing up we always wanted to be pregnant together and now we get to (even if just for a short time):) SmileSmile

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That's exciting you guys got to find out together! What an exciting time for her

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HOW AWESOME!!!!! I am so happy for her, and I love being prego with my friends Wink hehe

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Thats great news! I know what its like to try for a while with no luck and im just so happy it happened for her! I love how you were such a poas pusher. Lol SmileSmile

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:yahoo:How exciting for both of you, it's nice to hear you were able to share that with her! I hope all goes well with her pregnancy.

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That is great! I am sure she must have been so excited. I remember that feeling with DS when it took us a long time. So frustrating and kind of shocking once you finally see that line!

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That's fantastic!! Congrats to your friend and yay that you got to share such an exciting time with her Smile

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That is awesome! What a sweet story Smile

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Wow, how much fun is that!? Congrats to your friend!

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That's wonderful!!