Baby Boom 2011 :)

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Baby Boom 2011 :)

Did you all realize that we've had a baby boom in 2011? I knew we did, but it really came home to me this evening when we went out to eat at Red Lobster for Kevin's bday. There were 5 other babies there about Tanner's age!! haha Being me, I had to talk to the mommies of the two closest in proximity to me, and of course introduce their babies (Boys! Cooper and Noah) to Tanner Wink

But I just thought it was very cool and exciting to be part of this "baby boom"! I know 25 babies Tanner's age, personally! Smile

How about you all? Do you know lotsa babies who have been born in 2011?

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I do know quite a few, maybe about 8 or 9. When we went to a family friend's wedding yesterday, there were easily about 10 babies there, including Tommy, that was under a year (there were about 200 at the wedding).

BTW, Tommy behaved so well at his first wedding, LOL. No fussing or anything until partway through the reception. But it was nearly past bedtime then so I expected it Blum 3