Being induced tue? Kinda long.

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Being induced tue? Kinda long.

Hello ladies, new here, this is also my first baby. Had some questions, has anyone been induced before? What was it like? I'm being induced at 8:00pm Tue low dose till 5am then high dose every twenty minutes. I have GD, and my baby is really big, I'll be 40 weeks on the dot that day. My doctor said if there are complications I have to get a c-section, complications meaning she is having trouble getting thru size wise, he's worried that I'll have trouble. I think I'll be fine thou I'm dilated at a 3 now and he started checking last week, I was a one. Plus he made me feel good about labor saying my cervix was ripe and dilating easily. But crushed it yesterday when he said c-section. His face look assured he would end up doing that. He said it multiple times, like I should prepare mentally for one. I'm not mentally prepared for induction, contractions, pain let alone being wide awake while some cuts into my BODY ): Any reassuring words for me? I feel like jumping out of my own skin.
When do they normally give epi's? Should I eat normally that day or fast? Drink fluids maybe? How did you mentally prepare? What did you pack in you're bag? Also, I have no idea on how to tell people I don't want anyone in the room until after the baby is born. I'm having my mother, father, husband, best friend in there the entire time. But half of the people I know keep commenting on facebook how they are taking off work wens to come see me, that they will be there and I better call. I honestly do not handle pain well, last time I had tiny contactions they called false labor for 8 HOURS! I had to concentrate to keep myself calm and from crying. When someone tried to talk to me and blabber on about stupid stuff, it took all personal strength to not rip heads off. I don't need 100 people in and out like I'm a stand up comedy for them. Then again, I wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings. It's just in my eyes this isn't just labor, I'm having my first kid and it's special to me. Half these people don't really care about my child, or myself. They just need the fuel to gossip, still thou- I worry about how they might feel. How would you tell people to not show up?

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I just wanted to wish you good luck and some words of encouragement. Every labor is different, and ever mother and baby are different, but I truly believe that in most cases it is possible to birth your own baby, and that your baby won't grow bigger than you can handle.

I too had GD with both of my pregnancies, and I requested that I go into labor naturally on my own. My first was born at 40+5 and my second was born at 40+3. Personally I didn't want to be induced because I was concerned about the complications that sometimes happen with inductions. However, being already 3 cms and very soft gives you a good chance of progressing well with an induction.

I best word of advice would be to do as much research as you can before now and then. It sounds like your doctor might be c-sec happy, and if that is not the route you want to go, you need to be prepared.

If I was in your situation this is what I would do.

1. I would put off the induction until 41 weeks. Most babies statistically come between 40 and 41 weeks.

2. If an induction was unavoidable I would request that they just break my water to see if I then progressed normally.

3. If they had to administer pitocin I would ask that it be given at the lowest dose possible to see if that alone can get things moving.

4. I would avoid an epi as long as possible because not being able to move around would diminish your chances of repositioning your baby if the baby is large and not in a good position. Plus moving around as much as possible can be comforting and helpful to labor progression.

5. For me I found a hot shower to be extremely comforting. I was able to progress well while standing in the shower with a limited amount of pain.

6. Both of my daughters were average sized despite GD. My blood sugars were kept in control with diet and exercise.

To sum everything up if I had my choice I still wouldn't be induced. I'd believe in my body that it would do its job. If for some reason I had to be induced I will avoid as many interventions as possible. I would also avoid a c-sec unless mine or the baby's health was in jeopardy. I would also avoid having too many people in the room because you may be faced with some serious decisions, and you will want to be able to focus on the situations at hand. If you don't feel comfortable asking people to leave you can have the nurse tell them that it is hospital policy to only have a certain number. Nurses are good at helping people out in that way. Smile

I think they normally give epis around 4cm, but I'm not sure because I haven't personally had one.

I have always eaten if I'm hungry and had something to drink if I was thirsty during and before labor. As far as your bag goes you'll need an outfit for yourself to leave the hospital in, and other clothes if you don't plan on wearing their gowns. I recommend the gowns at least the first day that way your own clothes don't get all bloody. You'll also want an outfit for the baby. Also you may wish to bring A toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and shower supplies. That is about it, anything else you bring will just be because you want it, not really because you really need it.

Try to relax and believe and your body, you can do this!

Sorry for the rambling, and if it doesn't make sense. I'm to tired to go back and edit. Smile

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I agree with the PP; also, I don't think most hospitals let people just drop by labor rooms? I was told DH and that was it.

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I agree with PP. I would see if they would break your water first and see if you progress on your own, especially since you are already dialated to a 3.

I have had 2 births with pitocin and 1 without. All of them I ended up with an epi.....I just don't handle the pain well, but the birth without pit I did much better at handling the pain.

Good luck!

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NO ONE wants that many people in the delivery room! It is 110% okay for you to tell people that they cannot be there for the birth. And usually hospitals hae a limit as to how many people can be in the room. If you dont want to feel rude, you can just tell them that only a certain amount of people are allowed in the room and they are not one of them. Smile good luck

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I have been fortunate enough to have gone into labour on my own both times. Both times I did not have GD either.

A girlfriend of mine had her son 2.5 mos. ago and she had GD. She was induced, made it all the way to 10, pushed for quite a while, THEN she was given an epi in an effort to allow her some rest before pushing some more. After a second try at pushing, her doc recommended a C/S.

I don't know too much about eating/drinking during labour either. Both of mine went so fast, that I didn't really have a chance.

I do know this though- if you don't want a bunch of people in the room, either during labour or delivery, just tell the nurses. They will act as your "bouncer" so you don't have to worry. Allow yourself the space to relax(as best you can), and to he!! with everyone else's feelings. This baby is coming out of your hoo-haw, so YOU call ALL the shots. DON'T announce on FB, and DON'T call everyone you know telling them you're going.

I only had my husbands in the room each time. I even kicked my sister out, and she's an RN. I'm a very private person, it was just an experience I didn't want to share.

You could say- "I appreciate your concern for me and DH and our child, but we would like to have the first few hours(or days!) alone as a new family to bond before we introduce baby to all of our friends. We will definately call you as soon as we are ready for visitors."

On that note- don't allow people to just show up at your door without calling first. If they do, don't answer the door. Or just crack it open and say, sorry, this is a bad time. Maybe we could call you when things are better. Then shut the door and lock it. They'll get the hint. I didn't even let my family over without calling first. Though I laid down the law months in advance lol.

Good Luck!!!!

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I agree that let the nurses be your advocate on limiting the amount of people. They were more than happy to do it for me. I didn't get my epi until I was 10 cm dilated and it didn't help. The c section is not bad at all and once the baby is more you forget all about the pain. Recovery is rough but take your pain meds and you'll be fine. Good luck!!!

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I personally think it's not as scary as you're imagining. I didn't do anything special the days I was induced. I was induced for two out of three kids. If you do have to have a C-Section, you won't likely be freaked out by it and you won't feel pain from it while they're doing it. Sometimes they give general anaethesia and sometimes the epidural they give is enough. Epidurals are usually given when the contractions are pretty strong and dilation is on track.

I can't understand what kind of drama would be needing to be fueled by a birth. But just tell people only your husband can come in. I don't even think all the people you're hoping for to be there can be there. I think they have to wait outside to be honest. I never had anyone besides my husband in there but I am pretty sure this is the rule. There is just way too much distraction, less room, to name a few of the many reasons.

I agree with much of what morel_baby has written.

Try to take it easy. It's really not scary, at least in my experiences.

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I was just induced on the 24th, and I also had gd. Every pregnancy and labor is different...with that being said I was also dilated to a 3 when I went in, i was given my epi at 4. My induction started at 7:30 and I had my very average size 7lbs 10oz baby at 12:04. But this was also my 4th child. I ate a very small breakfast and drank a lot of water through the morning. Everyone handles the pitocin differently, I was lucky enough for it to do only it's job and not cause any complications. I don't have a lot of advise but hopefully hearing about someone else going through it might help some. Congrats on your first baby and good luck, try your best to just relax. And let your nurses be your bouncer when it comes to others visiting.

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First off it doesn't give me a good feeling when any OB assumes that he will do a C section... a lot of docs (unfortunately) do them unnecessarily for the extra cash. If I were you I would tell him emphatically that you DO NOT want a C section unless absolutely necessary for baby's health (and even then they can't tell something like that until you're in labor!).

I was induced with baby #2 and baby #3. They should have told you not to eat anything past midnight, incase something happens and they do have to do a c section. They start you on the drip, but that did nothing for me until they broke my water (each time) and that's when things really started rolling. I held out with the pain as long as I could stand it before I got the epidural, which was heaven. I had natural childbirth with my first child and it was just horrible. I wasn't able to enjoy the delivery at all because of all the pain I was in.

As far as people go, don't even tell anyone. If you already have spilled the beans on FB about when you're being induced, just lie and say it's been moved to another day! I don't let anyone but hubby in the room, and I don't tell anyone until we've come home with baby. I just don't like visitors when I'm vulnerable in the hospital... and more than that, I want to spend every moment with just the baby, no one else. I loved being able to be induced. Wake up early, shave, braid your hair, and get ready to meet your little angel in a matter of hours! Good luck!