Boon Spoons!

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Boon Spoons!

Luv them!

I'm not a fan of spoon-feeding and still definitely prefer handing the infa-feeder to the boys and letting them do it themselves (or with a little help) BUT I tried spoon-feeding with the boon spoons yesterday and I really like them!

I haven't tried any of the other boon stuff - has anyone else?

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I have never heard of them! They sound interesting though. Jacob has a real hard time with the spoon. He has gotten better - but it is like he doesn't know how to move his tongue, etc. I will have to look them up Smile

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I've seen them and was tempted but I make a lot of Tommy's baby food and I've read the reviews from some that it doesn't work well with homemade purees. I don't make all of his baby food though so it might work well with that.