Cardiologist/1 month appt

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Cardiologist/1 month appt

Caden had both the cardiologist and his regular ped appointment yesterday. They did another EKG and Echo. The hole is still there but the cardio said he thought it was small enough and far enough away from valves and other vital things that he thinks Caden will have no problems. He said he won't need surgery (yay!!!) and he gives it a 50-50 chance of closing on its own. So short of it actually being closed, I guess that was the best news we could hope for. He will have to be monitored forever as long as he has the hole, but they said it shouldn't stop him from activity.

Then we went to the ped where he got his first vax. Ugh. They didn't give him a hep B shot in the hospital so he could get it then or get 4 at his next visit, so we opted for spreading it out a little.

The measurements were a little different at each of the doctors offices, the cardio had him at 10lbs 5oz, 21.25 inches and the ped said 10lbs 7oz and 22 inches. Either way, he is a chunk because he started at 6lbs 8oz so he has gained almost 4 pounds!

I am still having pain from the c-section. It mostly hurts with activity, which stinks because I want to get back to exercising and haven't been able to. The doctor said it could take up to two months to go away, which means another month of this. He said that I won't damage anything by doing whatever I want, but it just hurts to much to work through it and it only gets worse the more I do. I am really bummed because my high school reunion is in two weeks and I feel gross in all of my clothes. I was hoping to get back to working out for a few weeks before. Oh well.

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Glad to hear the appointment went well. Sorry you are still sore from the c-section. I have some bouts of pain, but it's been pretty manageable. I totally know what you mean by clothes!

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I also understand the clothes thing. I can't fit into my maternity stuff anymore and still too much weight to fit into most of my other clothes. I have ONE pair of shorts that fit. Blum 3

Anyway, I hope your pain is better soon! I'm still having some bleeding from my vaginal delivery but thankfully it seems to finally be tapering off.

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That's good news about Caden's heart and no surgery! I hope the hole closes on its ownI hope your pain goes away soon - if it helps, I'm at the 2 month mark and my pain is completely gone, so hopefully you won't have to be in pain much longer. Despite my pain being gone, I'm still not in my clothes though - haha!

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HOw wonderful about his heart!! Boy he IS a chunk! Biggrin

I feel ya on the clothes too. I lost my weight and have gained some back. Boo. But you should go and enjoy and don't worry about your clothes, you just had a sweet lil BABY! YAYY! Wink