cervix effacement and dilation

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cervix effacement and dilation

Maybe I should know this, being 3rd time round and all, but I have a Q regarding effacement and dilation....

Does dilation only occur as a result of the baby's head being engaged and applying pressure to the cervix? What causes effacement? If baby is engaged (station +2), does that mean your cervix is more likely to efface and dilate than if not engaged? Does anyone know if effacement and/or dilation occur earlier or more easily in subsequent pregnancies because the cervix is never "fully closed" once you've had a baby?

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LOL, bring this post with you to your next appointment!!! From what I can tell from my own body and what my doctor has told me, effacement comes from the baby dropping. With first pregnancies you efface first and then dilate, according to my doctor. With later pregnancies you dilate first and then efface. Dilation is caused from contractions.

My cervix was fully closed with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy at first. I started dilating around 35-36 weeks with this one. My 2nd pregnancy I started at 38 weeks. The way I can tell if I'm really in labor is when I start to efface dramatically.


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Good question.... I have no idea. I am 1 cm dialated but head is not engaged which I guess means not.evaded..who knows!