Contraction Question?

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Contraction Question?

Hi Ladies and Lurkers,
I hope all is well. For awhile now when I lay on my left side I get a contraction right away which is so weird cause I know that the left side is the best side to lay on.
Anyone else experiencing this or something the simular? Does anyone know what this could mean?

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I have that too sometimes. It all depends on how the baby is. My baby won't let me lay on any side for more than an hour or two. It involves a lot of flipping and pillow rearranging at night!
I wouldn't worry about contractions as long as they aren't painful. You get more with each pregnancy. I have them all the time lol.

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I've been having a very irritable uterus this pregnancy, so for me I've had about 3-8 contractions per hour since about 4-5 months into the pregnancy. The rule of thumb is to lay on your left side, but I find for me that laying on my right side eases them more. :shrug: I wouldn't worry too much about it. Some women are just a little different than the norm.

If it's just the one contraction you're having, and you're having an otherwise healthy pregnancy, don't worry about it. I don't think it means much of anything. BH often occur when you change positions or put pressure on your bladder or colon, so it could be the position change, it could be the weight of the baby pushing on your bladder. It could be a million things. But it doesn't sound like anything at all serious. I know for me, when this guy kicks in certain places he'll trigger contractions. So many things can cause them.


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I wouldn't worry about it either. I get contractions from everything. The doctor reclined the chair in his office and gave me one. Unless you start getting them more often and you can't stop them by laying down and drinking water, then I would call the doctor.